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Friday 30 November 2012

18 Year Old Karl - The Interview & Real Life Spanking!

Hey Everyone!

It is finally here! 18 year old Karl gets interviewed! What an interview this was, it lasts for 48 mins! 

Karl comes across as such a cheeky, likeable young man! Oh and he is sporting a new haircut too!

So this interview was followed up by a real life spanking as Karl still had to get punished for messing up the Ben Birthday movie! The punishment sequence lasts for 15 mins!

I also added in some of the scenes from Karl's earlier videos and the whole thing lasts for 1 hour and 12 mins! I have been working on editing this ever since Karl left (clutching a very sore bottom) yesterday and I'm delighted to say it is now ready!

So here is what I am going to do.

The entire 1 hour 12 min download (including the 15 minute spanking movie) is available now for only $4.99 (around £3.11)

The interview section only will be released as a free download sometime next week.

Free Spanking Video Preview!

18 Year Old Karl's Interview & Spanking

112 mins long

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(Please note that this download contains an interview that will later be released as a free download)


  1. I did enjoy Karl's interview, he came across as what I call a real "London Lad". Karl looks so much better with this hair cut this way, but he still has those dream pool eyes. As for the spanking, Karl always does a great job and his bottom always goes a nice shade of red.

    1. Hey Welshboy! Yeah, I like the new haircut too!

  2. I love Karl new hair style makes him look a little older. I think that a revenge video should be in the works with him and bailey. He seem to be like a real nice guy. Thanks y'all did a great job in the video.

    1. Cheers Regina! He is a pretty grown up lad considering he is still only 18 years old! :)

  3. Young Karl is my favourite boi on your site so far Mr X and I look forward to downloading the full interview and spanking clip of him when I return home to Kent from visiting (and spanking) my lovely boyfriend in Bristol, although that is still not to say I would not enjoy spanking Karl myself sometime!

    Many thanks for what is certain to be a classic and, for pretty boi Karl, many many more spanks to come ... unless they are of monkeys when one suspects they will cum!

    1. hahaha! I do hope it meets your expections Chris! As for the monkey spanking! Don't forget you can see all of that naughtiness on my other store Straight Lads Wank!

    2. I am now back home and have watched the full interview and spanking interview of young Karl which I enjoyed immensely.

      Thank you for asking the boy my questions although, judging by his response, he is obviously as cheeky (in more ways than one) as my lovely boyfriend, so me thinks we shall have to cook (aka soundly spank) the pair of them together sometime! Any thoughts, Mr X?

      In the meantime, give Karl a kiss under the mistletoe from me, although I shall leave you to decide whether it be with your lips, belt or cane and on his lips, across his arse or his lovely little leggies!

      Warmest Greetings and Best Wishes (or should that be warmest beatings from six of the best) for Christmas and the New Year to nortie boyz everywhere, xxxxxx,

  4. I judt finnished watching the Interview and video with Karl must say he is a lot like my Bailey, in his atattude and silly'ness, would love to see a rematch with him and Bailey. I will be keeping my eyes on this young man. The interview was also very good I wish him luck with boxing.

    Mr. X you were good as always keep them comming and you looked good in bluejeans maybe you should wear them more often (lori)

    1. Hey Lori! Really glad you enjoyed this! Karl has such a great attitude! Much more grown up than you would expect! Oh and thanks for the compliment regarding my jeans! lol!

  5. Just watched the interview, brilliant, such a lovely chap, seems so innocent. I agree with the previous posts that his haircut is an improvement. Keep up the good work Mr X!

  6. Mr x is the spanking inside the interview if I but this or is it separate? As I like to buy this

  7. I bought Karl's Interview & Spanking, I enjoy it again and again, he has a great attitude and is very cute. looking forward to seeing more of him in the future.

    Thank you Karl and Mr X

    From Natalie x


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