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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Andy - Bath Brush Beating

This intense movie follows on directly from Andy - Mouth Soaping! 
Having been sent to fetch the dreaded bath brush, Andy is dragged back into the living room. Mr X drags the sorry lad over his knee and proceeds to beat his jean clad buttocks with the heavy wooden brush.
From the outset, Andy clearly feels every strike and struggles to take the punishment. The protection from his denims is soon taken away as Andy is ordered to remove them.
All Andy has left on is skimpy white briefs and they offer little protection against relentles strikes from the brush. Mr X holds Andy in place as he wriggles around trying to avoid the pain from the brush.
The briefs get removed and Andy gets spanked bare bottom. The colour of his sore leave the viewer in doubt how severe the punishment is.
Andy tries to escape the blows but Mr X simply pushes him into a new positon. The wheelbarrow position! 
Eventuallly the punishment is over. Mr X helps Andy out by rubbing some soothing cream into his throbbing bottom.

.............""More from Mr X....................................hmmmm, so what can I tell you abou this movie? For a big lad Andy has a very low pain threshold compared to most other guys on the site. I think his School Janitor Caned movie shows just how much he struggles. So this beating was a major challenge for Andy. He nearly gaave up after the first few spanks. However, he managed to get through over 20 mins of intense punishment! His facial reactions clearly show how much it is hurting""".......

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Liam - Valentines Pics

Check out the pics of young Liam taken from a shoot just a few days ago.

You can see them here 

Friday, 15 February 2013

Don't Sleep With Cheerleaders - Tony

Tony is the newest player on the team. He is good and Tony knows he is good! The female fans like him and he likes the ladies.
Tony made a mistake and Tbroke the golden rule. You don't mess with the Cheerleaders!
Tony didn't mess? He was found with three of them!!! in the Hot Tub!!!! in the Locker Room!

This cocky young player is going to learn the HARD way how discipline is handled in the new team. Tony is sent to see Mr X the local community spanker to get disciplined. Tony has no idea what is in store for him!
Mr X realises he is facing a 'tough guy' as soon as he meets Tony but  Mr X has dealt with guys like Tony before!
Tony smiles when he finds out he is going to get spanked. He thinks he is a mean athlete  so surely he can handle a bit of a spanking?


Tony starts off confident and cocky but Mr X is determined to break him. Tony gets dragged over Mr X's knee. Spanked on his jeans then his boxers and finally Tony is stripped naked and over Mr X's knee. It is at this time that he begins to crack! He can no longer hide how much the constant spanks are hurting! Mr X wants to get the message across! So Tony is told the fetch the leather paddle! Mr X is ruthless as he whacks this naughty straight lads butt! Tony wriggles, squirms and tries to block the swats but Mr X holds him in place!
Finally. Feeling very sore and sorry the ordeal ends and Tony is ordered to get dressed!
Another harsh lesson learnt at Straight Lads Spanked!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Straight Lads Spanked - Reviewed!


So my brand new Straight Lads Spanked website has just been reviewed by a rather influential website. You can read the review here

If anyone fancies leaving some nice comments and rating the review that would help out a lot!


Mr X

Friday, 8 February 2013

Forrest Nettle Whipping - Extreme Spanking - Part One

Andy is caught spying on the bikers girls in the Forrest. He is caught by one of the bikers, tied to a tree and flogged hard with a leather stranded whip! Things get even worse when he gets his bare bottom whipped with stinging nettles! The furious biker shows no mercy as he lays into Musclebound Andy's quivering buttocks!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Window Cleaner Harley - Spanked for Peeping - Part Two

This male spanking video continues on from Part One when naughty Peeping Tom Harley heads home after Mr X had spanked his bottom hard as a punishment for taking pictures of women on his phone when cleaning windows!

Harely returns home with a sore and red bottom.

This horny young man  gets into his bedroom he starts looking at his stash of naughty pictures on his phone. This horny teenager soon gets aroused and pulls down his jeans and begins to take care of his excitement.......

Harley's Dad who has heard reports of what his son has been doing. He heads home to confront his son and busrts into his bedroom to catch Harley in the act of pleasure!

Dad's furious! This is a family business and Harley has put it in jeopardy.

It's time for Harley to learn a hard lesson!

Dad does not hold back and throws Harley across the bed. There is no messing around as his Dad whacks Harley's jean clad bottom hard! The punishment continues over Harley's tight boxer shorts and finally his bare bottom. Dad uses his slipper and his hand to teach his son a painful lesson.
Dad then pulls of his belt and proceeds to lash it down on Harley's throbbing cheeks

Finally Dad feels that Harley has had enough and leaves his son soothing his throbbing bottom.