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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Fraser and Kevin - Spanked Footballers (Parts 1 and 2)


This movie follows on directly from Kevin - Bubble Bath Blues and Team Punishment both of which were posted here previously

Kevin & Fraser have been fighting! These two handsome footballers should be scoring goals for their team, but instead they have been fighting in the Locker Room!

The Coach is not happy! The Team is not happy! The lads Parents are not happy! Both lads get sent to Mr X, the local community spanker for some proper punishment! Mr X happens to be a fan of football and he is also not happy!

Kevin & Fraser arrive with a plan! Previous players have also been sent to Mr X and the lads have a good idea what is going to happen. Of course, they soon find out that they are in no position to start dictating their punishment!

Mr X deals with these lads in the appropriate manner. With a long, hard painful over the knee spanking! Kevin really does not want to get spanked in front of Fraser! That would be way to humiliating for a tough lad like Kevin.

In an attempt to hide his humiliation Kevin puts on an act of arrogant unconcern, laughing at Mr. X and being deliberately impudent – as he will discover, this is a BIG MISTAKE!

Even when he is over Mr X's knee Kevin's cheeky behaviour continues 
So far, Kevin has managed to hide how much his bottom is hurting. 

Despite having been spanked once, Kevin is still, grinning, sniggering and trying to appear cool.

Mr X is determined to wipe the cocky grin off Kevin's face

And he knows just how to do it. 

A bare bottomed Fraser takes Kevin's place

Mr X orders Kevin to stand and watch what happens to Fraser, so he knows what he will be getting next.

"Now it's your turn!"  

Who will win the battle of wills, Kevin or Mr X? 

SCROLL DOWN to Find out in Part 2 below



This movie follows on directly from Spanked Footballers Part One (images from which were posted here last night
Kevin and Fraser are enduring a well deserved punishment from the community spanker Mr X. So far both lads have been over the knee and Fraser even got spanked bare bottom in front of his team mate!

Fraser's bare bottom was soundly spanked in Part 1 now he is ordered to stand and watch the next stage 

Now it is Kevin's turn to drop his underwear and fully exposed in front of Fraser has to bend over Mr X's knee to have his already very sore bottom spanked further!
And this time it's bare!!

Up to now Kevin has acted in an arrogant and cheeky manner, disrespecting Mr. X. Consequently Mr X is determined to adjust the impertinent lad's attitude.

Mr X is an expert at attitude adjustment and Kevin will soon discover he in a contest of wills which he is not going to win.

Kevin's arrogant manner melts in direct proportion to the increasing sting in his bare bottom.

Hoping to end the spanking Kevin apologises for his cheeky and cocksure behaviour 
But Fraser and Mr X pretend not to hear him 
Was there a strange whining noise?”

After his earlier behaviour, Mr X has no intention of letting Kevin get off that easily

Many smacks later, Kevin is ordered to apologise to Fraser for fighting with him 
Mr X finishes off with a rapid fire spanking

Fraser can hardly watch, he knows how much that hurts

Finally, a red bottomed Kevin shuffles back to stand next to Fraser
Eventually the ordeal is over! 
Or so it should be!

Mr X can see that the lads have still not resolved their differences. So decides that if they still want to fight they can do it there and then! So in the final part of this movie, each lad had to thrash the other's bare ass with a leather belt!


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