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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Sebastian Bubble Bath Blues


Sebastian has a fun night out planned. He has invited his friend along. It seems like money is no concern at all for Sebastian.

Excited about his night out, Sebastian strips off planning to have a nice long soak in the bath. 

Without a care in the world, he walks naked to the bathroom

And casually soaks in the bath

He is relaxing in bed thinking about what to wear that night …...

when his furious father arrives home.

Dad has got his credit card bill through and there are lots of extra expenses on there.

Although at first he denies it, it is clear that Sebastian has been using his Father's credit card. Oops!

Sebastian has a choice. Either Dad reports him to the fraud department or Sebastian gets punished.
Even though Sebastian is all grown up, Dad decides that he is not too old for a spanked bottom!

Sebastian is made to get over his Dad's knee and gets spanked hard with his hand and the slipper!

Monday, 25 January 2016

Liam and Chris – House Party (Part 2)

This movie follows on from Part One  You can view a  video preview of Part One - By CLICKING HERE

Chris has already had his pants pulled down and endured a tough over the knee spanking whilst his friend Liam is forced to watch. Now it is Liam's turn to pull down his underwear and get over the angry house-owners knee for a hard hand spanking! Liam really wriggles around as the pain intensifies as his bottom gets spanked.

The punishment is far from over. Both lads are to receive 12 swats from a thick leather paddle! They are made to stand together, drop their pants and grab their legs with their bottoms pointed out ready for punishment.

Each lad receives 12 hard whacks!

Surely this will teach them a lesson?