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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Chris and Liam - House Party

This movie continues from Chris - Bubble Bath Blues and Branded A Thief...

Chris the HandyMan has been given ANOTHER chance to redeem himself and do some honest work. He has some painting and decorating to do whilst the home-owner is away for the weekend.

Chris, of course proves ones again that he can't be trusted and invites his friend Liam round for a House Party! The lads know how to party and invite some girls rounds. They also seem to be smoking some strange tobacco!

The home-owner returns a day early and catches the lads red-handed!

All the illegal activity has been captured on CCTV. The naughty young men have a stark choice. Face the police or accept a spanking! The lads reluctantly choose to get spanked.

How embarrassing to get spanked in front of your friend! The spanking is hard and starts over the lads jeans and then continues over the boxers. In this movie Chris gets his pants pulled down and is spanked bare bottom whilst Liam is forced to watch!

The lads might have sore, red bottoms by the end of Part One. However that is nothing compared to how they will be at the end of Part Two.

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