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Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Releases!

Hey Everyone!

Well it has been a busy month for new movies this month! I just thought it would be a good idea to group together on one post as a reminder of all the new titles!

Karl is not having a good day. He was bunking class and was caught kissing a girl behind the bike sheds! The headmaster took a very dim view on this behaviour and Karl was summoned to the headmasters office where he received 12 from the cane!

This action in this scene starts later in the day when Karl gets home from school. Feeling very sorry for himself, he gets undressed and into bed

His bottom still has some really nasty stripes from when he got caned earlier and he spends some time trying to soothe and rub his sore cheeks better!

Karl switches the light off and is ready to get some sleep when his very angry father bursts into the bedroom! Dad has just taken a phone call from the headmaster and has heard all about Karl's shameful behaviour!

Dad insists on inspecting the damage inflicted on Karl's bottom from the headmasters cane! even though it is clear that Karl has already been severely punished, Dad is still not satisfied. As far as he is concerned it his job to punish his son! No matter how much Karl protests, he finds himself over his Dad's knees and getting his already painful bottom soundly spanked and slippered!

There is no hiding by Karl's facial reactions how much this is truly hurting!

Karl learns a very painful lesson indeed!

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15 minutes long

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Liam - Bath Brush Beating - Severe Spanking

Liam has been fighting again!

This time it is worse than ever. He got drunk at a nightclub and threatened another lad with a broken bottle.

The police got involved and delivered Liam back to his distraught Mother in the early hours of the morning.

Liam could well face criminal charges!

His Mother is running out of options on how to control her wayward son. She knows he has a good heart but Liam is being influenced by the wrong crowd... She decides to send him to Mr X, the local spanker to face some punishment. The dreaded bath brush!

Liam turns up to see Mr X still coughing and spluttering from heavily drinking and smoking the previous night. The reality of what he did last night is slowly sinking in...

Liam is resigned to the punishment that awaits him...

The dreaded Bath Brush!

Mr X does not hold back and delivers a very strong, harsh beating that leaves Liam, broken battered and bruised.....

Liam will not be fighting anytime soon!

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Please be aware that this movie contains very real footage of a very harsh spanking that may not be to everyones taste..

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19 mins 

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Bailey - Leather Strap - 36 Hard Lashes

This new male spanking movie featuring Bailey gets straight to the point!

Bailey is told to assume the position to take his punishment. 

The punishment is 36 hard strokes from the 3 stranded leather strap!

12 over denim!

12 over underwear!

12 bare bottom!

This video contains some lovely visuals of handsome Bailey in all his glory as well as some very real painful reactions to what was a very real strapping!

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10 mins 

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Spanked for Smoking - 18 Year Old Lee

18 year old Lee has been sent to see the local spanker Mr X by his distraught Mother. Young Lee has developed a nasty smoking habit and his Mum is desperate for him to stop. It's a tough time right now as Lee's Grandmother is seriously ill with a smoking related disease and his Mother does not want the same thing happening to her son.

So Lee turns up to see Mr X. You can tell he is already upset by the time he arrives. He does not know exactly what is going to happen but he realises it is not going to be pleasant!

Mr X has a very effective method to deter young lads from the evil weed!

It starts off with a sound over the knee spanking. Young Lee has never had his bottom spanked before and you can tell it hurts from the first slap!

By the time Lee has had his trousers and underwear removed he is really struggling to deal with the relentless spanks..

Mr X though has not even started with his smoking deterrent yet.

He takes Lee's packet of cigarettes and makes the lad hold them deep in his mouth. Then the spanking continues. Mr X forces them into the distraught young mans mouth and makes him chew on them as his red bottom is still getting spanked.

Lee can hardly bear it and is at the point of breaking down. The tears are brimming and the he is feeling sick with the cigarettes.

You can tell by his sorrowful face at the end of the punishment that Lee will NOT be smoking ever again!

..... more from Mr X! "I'm so excited to introduce you to Lee. A young lad with cute looks and a round, pert bottom! This was his first time ever getting spanked and for a young straight lad it was quite an experience. He properly struggled to take the spanking but rather moan and complain he just did his best to endure! So what you are seeing here is some proper genuine reactions from a very real spanking. We only stopped filming for a few moments to reposition camera's so it was shot nearly in one take. I'm not sure I can make it any more real than this! Enjoy! :)

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24 mins long

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Ben's Birthday Spanking!

It's Ben's birthday which means he has to face the yearly ritual of visiting Mr X for his
birthday spanking! <P>

The gang of lads that Ben belongs to have contributed money to pay for his birthday spanking! As Ben is 24 this year he gets 24 swats! Some from the Leather Paddle and some from the Cane. Mr X delivers the first set over Ben's jeans.

They are soon removed though and Ben has to take the next lot over his tight, white briefs.

Of course, true to tradition. Ben is made to completely strip down to his birthday suit as he takes the remainder fully naked!

By the time the 24th stroke has landed, Ben's bottom is left sore and red with stripes from the cane visable across his by now tender bottom!

Video Trailer
........... More from Mr X! "Normally the birthday spankings are quite fun to shoot as the lad is not actually being punished so Mr X can be less serious and the birthday guy can be more relaxed. However, in this case the shoot was rather intense. Ben is not only still a rather new addition to Straight Lads Spanked he is also simply not used to receiving Corporal Punishment. So this was quite an ordeal for him, receiving both the leather strap and the cane for the first time. What is great about Ben though is even though it's all new he does not wimp out and really goes through with it. You can clearly tell though from this spanking that he is very nervous about each hit and is really feeling it. The anticipation seems to be almost as bad as the actual swat itself. What I am really pleased about is that I had a face cam positioned in such a way that you can see exactly what Ben is going through in glorious detail! For this reason, I have kept in as much of this footage as possible and included a lot of split screen so you can see both the 'rear' and 'front' action most of the way through.

There is one negative thing about this film which I would like to mention. The camera operator holding the main camera was rather shaky and this has resulted in some sections which are a little erratic . In particular at the beginning when Mr X is talking to Ben. However, once the spanking begins it calms down and I have done what I can in the editing process to minimise this. I honestly feel though that you will be too focussed on the subject of the movies (handsome Ben) to worry about anything else. Of course, every negative has a positive and I can assure I will be bringing in the model that was holding the camera and he will be facing my first 100% genuine 'real life' spanking! 

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12.30 mins long

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