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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bailey - The Interview!

Hey! Well the interview with Bailey took place this morning.... then a lot of spanking happened! I never thought I'd be able to have this interview available so soon. But the entire thing was done in one take! I had two moments where I adjusted the camera but otherwise what you see here is the chat Bailey and I had this morning! I hope it's not too dull and that you can make out my accent ok! I thought Bailey was pretty awesome and there were a few surprises for me as interviewer. One in particular where Bailey answers a question in a way I was not expecting at all and you can hear me lost for words (very unusual)!

The only request I do make is that if you do happen to watch this, click on the 'comment' button below and leave a few thoughts. I'll be sure to pass them on to Bailey!


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bailey - The Interview! Your questions are needed! :)

Hi Everyone!

On Thursday I am shooting some new video. I'm hoping to fit in an informal video chat/interview with Bailey I am planning to ask him about his experiences filming so far, maybe about any real life spankings he has had and so on... I thought I'd put it out there and invite you to submit any questions you would like me to ask Bailey. All you have to do is click on the 'comment' button underneath to submit!


Mr X


Bailey Bullies Apprentice - Part One

Bailey is back doing building work for Old Mr Smith. Young Billy has also started working for the company as an apprentice and it's his very first day. The lads are met on the job by Old Mr Smith's son Danny who is going to be be taking over the day to day running of the company from his father. Danny welcomes Billy to the company and makes sure that both he and Bailey have everything they need to get on with the days job.

Danny leaves them both to get on with the job and tells Bailey to look after young Billy.

As soon as Danny has gone Bailey starts ordering Billy around! Sending him down to the van to fetch his newspaper, then his drink and so on! Billy is terrified of Bailey and just does as he is told. Bailey goes on and on at Billy making the poor lads first day at work a complete nightmare!
""Go and fetch me a chair"" 
 ""Now go and get my newspaper from the van""
They are 10 floors up! 

 ""Where's My Drink Billy""?

It's when Bailey starts to use Billy as a footstool that Billy finally loses his cool and tells Bailey that he is going to complain! 

Big Mistake! 

Bailey picks Billy up with one strong arm and with the poor lad dangling in mid air proceeds to spank his bottom! This is not what Billy was expecting at his first day on the job! Bailey then throws the lad over one knee, pulls down the lads trousers and continues the spanking over his tight black boxers shorts. Finally these get ripped down and Bailey the Beast lays into the lads bare bottom!!

 ""I'll show you who the boss is""!!

 ""Stop! Please, Stop!""
 ""What's Going On Here""??

Just in time Danny the boss returns and catches Bailey beating Billy! 

Billy has been rescued!
""You are going to get Spanked""!!
Danny decides that the only lesson Bailey will ever learn is one of sheer humiliation. He tells Bailey that he is going to get spanked with Billy standing by watching every slap! This is too much for Bailey to comprehend and he refuses point blank! Danny stands firm and simply tells Bailey t pack his tool box and leave! Faced with that stark choice Bailey gives in and drapes himself over Danny's knee to accept his fate! As the spanking continues Bailey can feel the slaps on his bottom but even worse can feel the gaze from young Billy who is watching with glee as the tough man is taken down to size! 
 ""Sir, not in front of Billy""

 ""Billy is enjoying the show""

 ""No, please don't make me strip off""
The show for Billy gets even better when Bailey is first of all stripped of his jeans and then finally stares on as Bailey loses any last traces of dignity when his tight white briefs come down and lying fully exposed gets his bare bottom spanked hard!
 ""Back Over My Knee""

""I Can't Take Anymore""

Finally the humiliating punishment is over and Danny leaves the two lads to finish the job.......
There is an unexpected twist at the end which leads nicely into Part Two and even more punishment for Bailey!

Finally the humiliating punishment is over and Danny leaves the two lads to finish the job.......
There is an unexpected twist at the end which leads nicely into Part Two and even more punishment for Bailey!

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Monday, 28 May 2012

Clean The Apartment - Andy & Lewis

Andy has invited his new girlfriend Sonia round to his apartment for a romantic night in. Andy is banking on it being his lucky night! What Andy forgot though is that his roommate Lewis is a slob! Andy comes home to discover the house is in a complete mess! He is so angry as he knows it will ruin his chance of having a good time with his girl! He shouts at his lazy flatmate Lewis to get his mess sorted out! Lewis really couldn't care less and as soon as Andy has gone out he settles back on his sofa, switches on a DVD and starts watching some porn. Lewis is really 'enjoying' himself when Andy comes back and catches him jerking off! Andy is a strong muscle bound lad and soon grabs Lewis, overpowers him and his him over his lap on the sofa and begins to soundly spank his bottom. Lewis and Andy are normally best mates and Lewis can't quite believe this is happening! Andy is so mad though as he knows his chances of getting laid that night are ruined. He pulls down Lewis Jeans with one hand whilst the other hand is holding the sorry lad firmly in place. The beating continues over Lewis's bright green underwear! The boxers hardly offers any protection from Andy's big hands and even less when Andy actually rips them off Lewis! You can hear them tear as Lewis's now bruised bottom is fully exposed! Lewis can hardly bear the pain and is really struggling and trying to break free but his attempts are futile as Andy pins him down and continues spanking his bare bottom. Towards the end, Lewis manages to struggle onto the floor but Andy ides not let up and grabs him back and continues to punish his friend. Finally, after letting go of his frustration on his friends bottom Andy gets up throws Lewis back onto the sofa and storms off leaving Lewis near to tears and trying to soothe his tender cheeks.....

Lewis is living in a proper mess!

Roommate Andy is furious at the state of the place

My girlfriend is due here in 2 hours!

Lewis is not bothered!

and decides to relax in his own way!

Caught Jerking by Andy!

I'll teach you a lesson!!!

You have ruined my night!!!!

Andy is raging and rips of his mates underwear!

and spanks him until his bottom is red and very sore!

Lewis , left on the couch battered and bruised!

.....More from Mr X!

This scene was not planned at all! It was my first time shooting with Lewis (who really is Andy's neighbour and buddy) and I never dreamed I would get Andy and Lewis to agree to do this. I spoke with Lewis beforehand and he told me he had never been spanked before in his entire life! When I started producing these clips I got so many requests for these lads to spank each other and I never believed it would happen..........

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