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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Buy One Movie - Get One Free! 48 Hours Only!

I have an amazing offer for anyone looking to purchase a movie from

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Hurry though, this amazing deal will only be running for two days only, so must end at midnight, UK time on Thursday January 30th.

So here is exactly how it will work.

You purchase any movie from the website

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The free movie must be of an equal value or lower than the movie you purchased.
You can purchase as many movies as you wish and claim a free movie for every purchase.

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This offer ends At 1200 PM UK time on Thursday January, 31st


Straight Lads Spanked

Monday, 27 January 2014

Dom - Birthday Spanking

Harsh Strapping and Caning for 19 Year Old Dom!

It's Dom's 19th birthday! A time for celebration? Well normally it would be. However Dom has got involved with the same group of friends who celebrates each others birthday's in a rather unusual way! Whoever has a birthday is sent to visit Mr X for a birthday spanking - paid for by the rest of the gang!

Often the birthday spankings are fun and lighthearted....but this time it's different! Dom was playing poker the night before with brothers Oliver and Fred and he was caught cheating! To teach him a lesson, the brothers decided to pay a bit more to Mr X for Dom to be thrashed hard!

So this birthday spanking is tough! It starts off with a hard, over the knee, bare bottomed spanking, followed by 19 hard strokes using the cane and leather paddle! This straight lad soon discovers that he is not receiving a fun gay spanking but a serious hard punishment!

Dom put's on a brave face, but that soon turns to a look of anguish as the cane bites his trembling buttocks!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Spank Jenga (Part 4)

The latest update at Straight Lads Spanked

It's forfeit time! Dom, Harry, Wayne & Adam are real life mates. They grew up together, went to school together. They are all 19 years old.So now, it is their turn to play Spank Jenga!

This is the forfeit game with painful, humiliating twists! If you lose you have to get spanked by your friends with a variety of implements! 

When the bricks tumble it's Wayne's turn to pay a forfeit
He reads out the details of his penalty which involves a bare bottom spanking .....

and burning hot Deep Heat embrocation - oooh!  that will sting

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Peter - Leather Strap - 36 Lashes

Peter - Leather Strap - 36 Lashes is a bonus release by 

 Mr X gets straight to the point!  Peter is told to assume the position to take his punishment. 
 he punishment is 36 hard strokes from the 3 stranded leather strap!  - 12 over denim!

 12 over underwear!

12 bare bottom!

 This video contains a harsh punishment and very real painful reactions to what was a very real strapping!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Gay Spanking Movies Or Simply MM Spanking Videos?

This is one question I have to answer all the time. Am I making gay spanking videos? I always answer no and explain that I am simply making mm spanking movies. Just because the movies feature male spanking does not make them gay spanking videos. Some people may even refer to them as simply Corporal Punishment videos or CP Movies.

Anyway, I opened the debate on the Straight Lads Spanked website and you can read all about it here.

Gay Spanking Movies
Dom getting birched!