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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Recent Releases by Straight Lads Spanked

These three new movies which were previously available only to members of the Straight Lads Spanked Subscription site are now available to purchase separately without membership.

Stolen Holiday Money: Harry wants new clothes and shoes. He is only 18 and has not yet worked out that you have to earn money before spending it. So he decides to 'borrow' his flatmate and best friend Fred's holiday savings and go shopping. Fred comes home and finds out his money has been spent and is incandescent with rage.

Harry can't understand what the fuss is all about as he can pay it all back on Friday when he gets paid. Fred explains that he needs the money immediately to pay the deposit for his holiday. Harry confesses that is already spent the cash...

Fuming Fred grabs Harry in rage and drags him over his knee. He decides that since it is £300 Harry should receive 300 spanks. Harry is powerless in Fred's strong grip and has no choice but to accept his deserved punishment.  What results is a very real spanking that shows how lads sort things out  when friends take advantage.

"""""""More from Mr X........ So let me tell you more about this movie. Harry and Fred are real life best mates. There was a great moment during a break in filming when Fred said to Harry as he was over his lap, "how did we end up going from doing our GCSE's (school exams in the UK) to this?" I fact, I may release some outtakes from this movie as they are pretty cute!"""""""

*Only $9.99*


Karl - Consequences of Cheating (Wait till you father gets home) : This movie follows on directly from The Consequences of Cheating - Bailey & Karl where swimming champ Karl gets severely punished from Coach Bailey. Bailey informs Karl's Dad of the situation and Karl is told to go home and wait in his bedroom for Dad to get home. This is where this movie begins.

Sorry Karl is dreading what is going to happen. He has faced his Dad's belt before and knows that it is going to be tough. His bottom is still throbbing from the harsh spanking dished out by Coach Bailey!

The time comes for Karl to strip down to his pants and lie on the bed. Furious Father gets home and lectures his son.

Then the punishment properly begins. Karl's father shows no mercy as he lashes his sons bottom with his heavy leather belt! Karl has already been spanked and it is almost too much for him to bear!

Real Domestic Discipline Movie!


Mr X Explains: 

"When I recorded the original Bailey's Bath Brush Beating there were some serious technical problems. The sequence where Bailey gets beaten at the beginning never ended up recording on the main camera. Not once, but twice! What ended up in the final edit was the third take!

In addition, the second, face camera was faulty and the footage that was shot was very dark. It looked so different to the main camera that I really couldn't mix them together. The sound quality on this second camera was not fantastic either...

I have since re looked at this 'face cam' footage and discovered it caught all the 'lost' second take as well as the moments when I discover that the main camera had not recorded for a second time. I have spent some tome working on this footage and made an effort to lighten it all. What it also captures are all the 'off air' moments and conversations between Bailey and Mr X when it is discovered that the camera has not been recording. It also has the entire spanking filmed from the front, capturing all of Bailey's incredibly real reactions. I have ke[t in sections that were previously cut including off air conversations and added my own Directors notes where I feel it helps explain what was going on.....

Sunday, 14 April 2013

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So here is exactly how it will work.

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Prison Punishment - Liam 'The Strap'

Prisoner 1382 (Liam) has been convicted of stealing bread and sentenced to a lashing from the leather strap. Prison Warden Andy restrains Liam to the dreaded bench and prepares the prisoner for punishment!

Liam's buttocks are bared and the punishment begins. The bare chested officer proceeds to lash Liam's exposed bottom with the heavy leather strap. All the prisoner can do is grit his teeth and endure the prolonged, harsh punishment!  The spanking continues and seems like it will never ended.

Eventually it ends and the defeated prisoner is unrestrained and carried back to his cell....


Monday, 1 April 2013

Spanked Charity Thief, Ashamed and Sorry - Dom

Dominic is only 18 years old and he is in a lot of trouble. He really messed up! He got his first job working in the local bar. It was all going well until he was caught stealing from the Charity Pot! The bar regulars had been donating to buy toys for the local Children's Hospital.

Dom's colleague caught him red-handed. He gave young Dom a choice. Either he tells the boss or he visits Mr X the local community spanker for punishment! Dom chooses Mr X!

 Dom is not like the cocky lads that normally visit Mr X though. He really is truly sorry for what he has done and is deeply ashamed. He agrees that he deserves his punishment.

 Mr X does not condone stealing at all though and decides that as sorry as Dom is, he needs to learn a lesson. Dom does not put up any fight as he drapes himself over Mr X's knee for his first ever OTK spanking.

 Dom is a slim lad and he feels every hard slap from Mr X's hard hand. The pain is clear on his face! Mr X though goes through the whole punishment making Dom strip off so he is completely naked. Dominic's bottom turns a bright shade of red as the spanks continue!

A very sore end!

""""""More from Mr X! I just know you are going to love out latest addition to the Straight Lads Spanked team Dominic. This was his first ever shoot and he really was superb! He took a proper spanking and was great at delivering his lines. Oh and he has a  very spankable bottom too. Perfect!"""""""