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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Kevin - Bath Brush Beating

Kevin - Bath Brush Beating

Working for your Dad can sometimes lead to problems. In Kevin's case it has led to an over the knee spanking with the dreaded Bath Brush!

This video starts with Kevin who has sneaked home when he should be at work. He is a young lad and is feeling quite horny! So he decides to take advantage of the wifi connection at home to watch some mucky movies on his phone. Kevin is clearly aroused when undoes his trousers and starts playing with himself.

Kevin was not expecting Dad to come home looking for him and he is caught in the act! How embarrassing!

Dad is furious! He does not pay Kevin to be jerking off when he should be working. Kevin is just humiliated that he was caught. 
After a long lecture the male spanking video really begins when Dad fetches the Bath Brush and tells Kevin there is going to be punishment!
No matter how much Kevin protests Dad does not listen and orders Kevin to lie over his knee. 

Kevin has been spanked many times before but the bath brush brings things to a different level! Even through his jeans it really hurts!

The jeans do not remain on for long though and the spanking and brush beating continue. 

Kevin's protests are in vain, as soon the savage bath brush is battering the seat of his skimpy underpants 

Eventually the underwear is removed and Kevin gets spanked on his bare bottom. 

He is kicking and pleading but Dad continues until he feels the lesson is truly learnt! 

Kevin is left with a very sore bottom and a red face!

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Stern Supervisor (Part 2) Sebastian's Comeuppance.

Scenes from part 1

Chris is working as an employee in Sebastian's Dad's Company, Sebastian is Chris' supervisor. In part one, after Sebastian's girlfriend leaves him for Chris, Sebastian takes revenge on Chris by punishing him for various minor infringements, such as being two minutes late back from lunch.

When Sebastian orders Chris to take a spanking, he really takes out his anger on Chris's bare bottom. This is a very painful and humiliating situation for Chris to be in as Sebastian is about the same age as him.

In Part 2 Sebastian's Dad walks into the office and catches his son, Sebastian, with a bare bottomed employee over his knee. Dad is not happy at all with Sebastian's bullying behaviour!

Dad concludes that his arrogant son needs to be brought down a peg and decides to spank him then and there in front of Chris! 

Being spanked and shamed in front of a subordinate, let alone the guy who stole his girlfriend, is a total humiliation for Sebastian!

However, it is about to get even more embarrassing ….. Sebastian is ordered to drop his pants …..

... then he is spanked on his bare bottom, in front of the grinning Chris.

Sebastian begs his Dad to stop. Dad turns to Chris and asks if he should take pity on his son, of course Chris's view is that he should certainly NOT stop.

So Dad continues with renewed gusto 

Dad's hard hand continues to deliver stinging spanks to Sebastian's unlucky bottom, making sure he covers all areas

Chris is really enjoying watching his supervisor getting his well deserved comeuppance and begins to laugh.

Sebastian's bottom is getting redder and redder

Chris's enjoyment of the scene grows in proportion to Sebastian's discomfort

Sebastian makes the mistake of threatening Chris, so Dad decides his son needs further humiliation.

Dad orders Sebastian to strip naked and get over Chris's knee. Sebastian pleads with his Dad, but in vain, Dad is determined to seriously humiliate the arrogant young man, just as he deserves.

Finally, a miserable and deeply embarrassed Sebastian does as he is told

To Chris's delight he is now going to spank his Supervisor's (and his girlfriend's ex's) bare bottom

Sebastian yells in pain as Chris begins to spank his, already very sore, bottom.

Sebastian has never felt so embarrassed and humiliated in his life

and his bottom had seldom felt so sore

To ensure it becomes even sorer, Dad instructs Chris how hard to spank, and to make sure he hits the areas where the smacks really sting

Chris obey's with enthusiasm.

Sebastian the severe and bullying supervisor, really got his comeuppance!!

It is always fun and extra satisfying a bully ends up shamed and sore!! 

The (well spanked) End 

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