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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fraser - Spanked Footballer

At Straight Lads Spanked: Fraser is a young strapping footballer. He was blessed with handsome, boy next door looks and boy does Fraser know it!  He uses his good looks to full advantage when it comes to charming the ladies. This would all be fine if it was not for the fact that Fraser is becoming less and less committed to his football team and more interested in spending time with his girlfriend!

The coach has had enough of Fraser's attitude and decides the naughty lad needs to be taught a lesson. So Fraser gets sent to the local community spanker, Mr X for punishment! 

Fraser knows exactly what kind of punishment he is in for as the other lads from the team, Harry and Dom have been before!

Getting spanked by another man is not a good situation for a strapping straight man! Mr X is a football fan too and is determined that Fraser really learns his lesson!

Fraser turns up in his football kit, but this soon gets removed as the tall, muscular lad ends up getting an bare bottom, over the knee spanking

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Karl Real Punishment - Trust

At Straight Lads Spanked: Karl has messed up, and messed me around! He borrowed some money and then simply went off the radar.

Mr X was not pleased at all with his behaviour so when Karl eventually re-emerged and he decided to grill him on his actions.

 Mr X gave Karl a choice, accept punishment or walk away and never work for Straight Lads Spanked again and cut all contact.

Karl decided to go ahead with his punishment. 

 Mr X decided that Karl truly had to learn a lesson for messing people around. Mr X dished out a hard hand spanking followed by a relentless beating with the bath brush.