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Friday, 29 June 2012

Danny - Birthday Spanking

Well it's Danny's birthday which means he has to face the yearly ritual of visiting Mr X for his birthday spanking!

 The gang of lads that Danny belongs to have contributed money to pay for his birthday spanking! As Danny is 24 this year he will be getting 24 strokes from the cane! 

After several strokes over his jeans and then boxer shorts Danny faces the humiliation of being ordered to strip down to his birthday suit! 

Completely naked, this masculine straight lad gets his bare bottom caned! By the time the 24th stroke has landed, Danny's bottom is left sore and red with the lines from the cane visable across his cheeks! 

Full length HQ mm spanking movie is now available 

9 minutes


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Meet Patrick. Andy's real life brother!

Well Andy stuck to the promise he made in his recent interview (posted below) and brought along his younger brother Patrick!

I'm afraid any movies I shot with these cheeky chaps won't be available for about 3 weeks. However, here are some photos in the meantime!

Andy and his brother Patrick getting ready to film a male spanking movie
Straight Lads Spanked - Patrick mm Spanking videos

Monday, 25 June 2012

Bailey - Bath Brush Beating - Number One!

I was delighted to wake up this morning to discover that Bailey - Bath Brush Beating video has reached the overall Number One position on Clips4Sale! I believe it's very rare for mm spanking clips to reach the top position so I'm really pleased!

So thanks again for all your support! I know that Bailey will be really delighted when I tell him. Especially with what he went through to make this video!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Liam in Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!

This is serious! Liam has been caught stealing money from his Mum's purse.

He is sent to his room and has that agonising wait until Dad gets home...

Liam knows he is in serious trouble.

Dad gets home and begins the verbal punishment. There is no disguising how furious he is and Liam knows he is going to get it bad! He really has no idea how bad it is going to get.

The blows from the belt rain down as Liam's Dad tells him how disappointed he is in his son. Liam can't do anything to avoid his fathers belt and just tries to take it the best that he can.

The last shreds of dignity vanish when Dad yanks down his sons underwear revealing a sore and tender bottom.

Liam tries to hold it together and is close to full on sobbing. He is deeply sorry for what he has done and is snivelling and gasping trying to hold back the tears....

Liam is belted hard and fast by his father. The punishment finally ends after Liam is ordered to count out 20 final strokes......

Dad leaves the bedroom as his son is left on the bed trying to soothe his aching buttocks......

Free video preview........

...................more from Mr X! 

Wow! Everything changed in this latest instalment of Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. Finally we here Dad speak and boy does he tell Liam off! Liam took such a hard belting in this scene and struggles to hold back his tears as the punishment continues. Real Belting, Real Reactions with a Real Straight Lad! 

Full length HQ movie is now available....

Straight Lads Spanked

19 minutes

Friday, 22 June 2012

Andy - The Interview!

Well here it is! My interview with Andy. Just filmed a few hours ago. Thanks for all the questions you sent in, I got through them all and I hope I covered everything.

 As usual, all I ask is if you do watch this and enjoy it hit the comment button below and leave a message. I will be passing it all on to Andy.

Part One

Part Two

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Andy - The Interview = Your Questions Needed!



Looks like I am going to be filming with Andy tomorrow and I'm planning on interviewing him just like I did with Bailey.

Feel free to hit the comment button below and leave your questions. If you included your name I'll try and give you a mention!


Mr X

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bailey - The Second Interview!

The very popular Bailey


Well I ended up shooting some more movies with Bailey today and young Karl! I'm really looking forward to editing them all...

I made another impromptu interview with Bailey.... Here it is! I hope you enjoy it. As usual, please click on the comments below and let me know your thoughts... It's in two parts.

Part One

Part Two

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bailey's Bath Brush Beating!

Bailey's Bath Brush Beating! The Hardest Spanking we've yet filmed!!

Bailey is in big trouble! Caught stealing from his boss Old Mr Smith. Bailey's life has been out of control and he really has hit rock bottom this time.

 He is sent to see Mr X! Bailey is truly, deeply ashamed of himself and knows he is is serious trouble.

 For once there is no cocky lad answering back but a sorrowful, troubled lad prepared to accept his fate.

Mr X pulls no punches and lays into Bailey like never before! The hard hand spanks reign down on Bailey's denim covered bottom.

 But only for a short time as Mr X decides to use his bath brush. This is only used for the most serious of punishments.

What happens next is harsh. Bailey is beaten hard with the brush. over denims, then underwear and finally bare bottom.

Bailey's pants are pulled back to reveal an already purple bottom. 

By the time Mr X has finished it is beaten black and blue! Bailey literally falls into a crumpled heap on the floor when the punishment is over..

 After Bailey is given time to reflect on it all, Mr X shows a more kindly side and invites Bailey back over his knee as he tends to the lads burning buttocks with some soothing cream.

......more from Mr X...

Ok, please be warned that this was a serious punishment and is harder than anything I've ever released on Straight Lads Spanked before. Bailey takes a proper beating from the bath brush and is left sore and bruised. 
This is the scene that Bailey discusses in his interview over on my blog which he says left him unable to sit down for the rest of the day and sore and marked for the next three days! 
I am pleased to report that no Bailey's were left traumatised in the making of this film and he has since been back for more! 

The full length clip is available now...

Male Spanking Video

19 minutes