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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bailey's Bath Brush Beating!

Bailey's Bath Brush Beating! The Hardest Spanking we've yet filmed!!

Bailey is in big trouble! Caught stealing from his boss Old Mr Smith. Bailey's life has been out of control and he really has hit rock bottom this time.

 He is sent to see Mr X! Bailey is truly, deeply ashamed of himself and knows he is is serious trouble.

 For once there is no cocky lad answering back but a sorrowful, troubled lad prepared to accept his fate.

Mr X pulls no punches and lays into Bailey like never before! The hard hand spanks reign down on Bailey's denim covered bottom.

 But only for a short time as Mr X decides to use his bath brush. This is only used for the most serious of punishments.

What happens next is harsh. Bailey is beaten hard with the brush. over denims, then underwear and finally bare bottom.

Bailey's pants are pulled back to reveal an already purple bottom. 

By the time Mr X has finished it is beaten black and blue! Bailey literally falls into a crumpled heap on the floor when the punishment is over..

 After Bailey is given time to reflect on it all, Mr X shows a more kindly side and invites Bailey back over his knee as he tends to the lads burning buttocks with some soothing cream.

......more from Mr X...

Ok, please be warned that this was a serious punishment and is harder than anything I've ever released on Straight Lads Spanked before. Bailey takes a proper beating from the bath brush and is left sore and bruised. 
This is the scene that Bailey discusses in his interview over on my blog which he says left him unable to sit down for the rest of the day and sore and marked for the next three days! 
I am pleased to report that no Bailey's were left traumatised in the making of this film and he has since been back for more! 

The full length clip is available now...

Male Spanking Video

19 minutes


  1. Hi Mr.X, congrats, it's a really cool clip! Wanted to ask if ever Bailey likes to spank young boys in real life? I enjoyed the recent vid with Karl and was wondering if possible to meet Bailey for real since we're both in London

  2. Excellent job Bailey! Bravo! That is one of the very best and hottest videos I have ever seen. I wish I could have been the one to give you a big manly hug afterwards and to rub the cool lotion on your burning bottom. I have had the brush myself on occasion and I know exactly what you were experiencing. You are a wonderful young man and I wish you the very best. Kudos to Mr. X as well for laying that brush on fast, long and hard. Ouch! It was obvious you felt every smack whether your pants were on or off. Guys - you need to buy this video! You will not be disappointed. Bailey - after your candid interview and now this, I am one of your most loyal and avid fans. Take care and "try" to be good!

  3. Well done, Mr. X and Bailey! Well done indeed!

    Bailey, you have earned both my praise and my sympathy. That had to hurt! Based on your interview comments, you actually had to endure that spanking twice because "somebody" forgot to turn the camera on. Ouch! I hope the forgetful cameraman was Brett - it would only be fair that Bailey take Brett over his knee & give him a spanking as hard as the one that was not recorded! Naturally, this time the camera would be on, and we would have another video clip to enjoy!

    Mr. X, if you can use trickery involving Bailey's acting, camera angles, lighting, makeup, etc. so that you don't have to actually spank Bailey that hard but make it look like you DID spank him that hard, by all means use them. (I don't want Bailey or any model actually hurt, you see.) Either that, or pay Bailey a very big bonus, percentage of the gross, etc. - he definitely deserved it.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS: This video is a MASSIVE GAME CHANGER for the entire arena of m/m spanking videos. I'm no kid, I've seen hundreds of them both "professionally" produced for sale and "amateur" via youtube, or posted here or there after the fact; so I have an idea of what I'm saying here. First off Bailey is one of the best-looking men getting his ass spanked... and now giving as well... that we've ever had. I saw his interview so I know what went into this Bath Brush Beating video, also how much he cares about the final production and his audience in wanting the best product possible. Here we have a man who could get several bare-bottom taps and others would pay for the privilege of watching that, but this video takes this incredible man and pushes everything right out of the proverbial box. Hell, I think you've launched a rocket with this one, blown down the walls and opened up a new dawn.
    Please also know that I'm beyond happy the instrument used was the dreaded hairbrush. Here in the States hand, paddles and hairbrush is much more common than just about anything else and just seeing it in a man's hand can get the stomach doing somersaults! The choice of hairbrush was much appreciated by me.
    This was also an enormous step forward for this studio and I hope we'll see more of it. Bailey has proven to be a great spanker as well. This had to be a difficult production for him to get through (especially knowing the facts from the interview!) but I deeply hope he'll return and as soon as possible.
    Thank you for this. I know I'd gotten a little jaded. You've restored my sense of awe and wonder, Bailey.

  5. Congratulations Mr and Bailey This clip is well done on both your parts. I have never used a hairbrush before but will try if I need to on a naughty boys bum who as been as naughty as Bailey was.
    Looking forward to you using it again on another boy.

  6. Mr. X: I certainly admire Bailey's fortitude (bathbrush 2x in one day?!) but I also admire your own. I'm not sure I could have applied the brush to Bailey's bottom as vigorously as you did; I would have been afraid of permanently marring its awesome beauty.

    I am sick with envy as well. Rubbing creme into those magnificent buttocks (and The Mole!) is as close as any of us will get to paradise on earth.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Can't get enough of Bailey.

  9. probally the best spanking vid released in the past few years, Bailey has the most spankable arse and he has just proven he can take a REAL spanking. I hope he gqt a big bonus for this one


  10. I also think for your mess-up bailey should be able to take the hair brush you to. For as many time as you had to hit him! I think that would only be fair. What do you think Bailey?

    1. I think Bailey may well agree with you..........

      .......... so I'm going to have to make sure he never reads this!!!


  11. Aww! Just give him my email and we can planned it. Then you can just pay him double since you want have to pay yourself.:) I think he love that part! You better tell him my idea!lmAo


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