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Friday, 25 October 2013

Oliver's Birthday Spanking (Part 1)

It's Oliver's 22nd Birthday and he he thinks he's going to have a lie in but no such luck!  Oliver's brother Fred togetehr with the Lee brothers Andy and Patrick arrive to drag him out of bed, and give him a birthday spanking of 22 smacks from each of them - that's 66 smacks!!

Oliver wriggles and tries to escape but the smacks all hit the spot, which is the birthday boy's increasingly sore and red bottom

Then the poor guy gets his birthday card and finds that all the lads from Straight Lads Spanked have clubbed together to buy a proper birthday spanking for Oliver from Mr X - which happens in Part 2.


Friday, 11 October 2013

Introducing New Model Dale To Straight Lads Spanked

Dale is another brand new model to Straight Lads Spanked.

Introduced by childhood best friend Oliver this is Dale's first time ever on film!

Not only that, this 25 year old straight lad has never been spanked before!

Want to see more of about Dale? 

Well click here now to see his first ever interview! 

Spanked Charity Thief - Dom & Adam - The Conclusion

Rated 2nd Favourite MM Spanking Movie!
(no need for site membership to download)

This movie starring two 19 year old real life best friends Dom & Adam was an instant hit for Straight Lads Spanked members and it is now available for everyone to download.
This was Adam's first every movie and he got off to an impressive start indeed! 
The chemistry between the two straight lads was fantastic and boy did they take a good spanking,
So if you want to see two real life best mates going through the ordeal of a being stripped naked and receiving a bare bottom  spanking in front of each other you can click here to see the free preview movie and get download information!
This story follows on from Spanked Charity Thief - Dom - Ashamed & Sorry and has a few twists along the way before coming to a satisfactory conclusion!

 Mr X questions the boys but they both blame the other
 So Mr X sets out to find the truth - the way he does best!!
This is Adam's first spanking
But Dom know what to expect, which must be why he looks so unhappy!!
Now its Dom's turn

"Now get those pants down!"
From now on the spanking is bare bottom!!

Two very sore bottoms
Did Mr X get to the truth? ...

you know he did!!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Spank Twister - Four Brothers - Part Two

You will never have seen Twister played like this before!

Brothers agains Brothers!

Andy Lee and his brother Patrick vs Oliver and his brother Fred!

The loser of this game faces some harsh forfeits!

If you fall you are going to get spanked by the other brothers!

The spanking punishments are harsh and are chosen by a roll of the dice.

There are a variety of implements used. The cane, chinese birch, slipper, leather strap, wooden stick and of course humiliating OTK hand spankings!

This second instalment follows on from Part One and is tougher and in this mm spanking movie the brothers are spanking harder than ever!

Four Real Life Straight Brothers - Real Spanking Action!