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Monday, 13 October 2014

Harry - Dad Found Twitter

This movie continues the story that started with Straight Lads Spanked classic

Young Harry is just passing the day away in the park when he receives some Tweets from his friend Dom. 

Dad is away and the party is at Dom's house!
 Harry turns up ready for some fun but soon discovers all is not as it seems!

 This time it is payback time for Harry 
Either take a spanking from Dom's Dad or have his crimes reported to his own father

 Harry agrees to take a spanking but soon regrets the decision
We have the interesting scenario when Dom's Dad is spanking someones else's misbehaving son.

 Down with Harry's trackies ....

 "My son took his spanking BARE BOTTOM! ..."
 "... and you are going to get the same!"

 Many smacks later ...
 "You and Dom took £70.00 from my wallet ...."
 "... so you are going to get 70 more Spanks!!"

 ".. Well, that's 20, so there are another 50 to go..........!!"

Mouse Spank Harry's sore bottom, or click here to view a preview trailer

You can view screenshots from part one "Dom - Dad Found Twitter" by 



Immediately following his very long and very hard spanking, and sitting on his very sore bottom,  Harry gave a short interview to Straight Lads Spanked.  Details and member reactions can be read here.

During the interview Harry displays his incredible new (post-work out) body and well spanked bottom

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