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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Free Video Download! Brand New Movie featuring Bailey

Due to the popularity of yesterdays Andy download I thought it would be a good idea to bump up this post from last month........

Hi Everyone!

Can you believe that Straight Lads Spanked has been going for nearly three months now? I can hardly believe it myself! This blog has had nearly 90000 hits in that time! Wow!
(As from August 30th it's now 153026)!

I've been having such fun with all of this and by the feedback I have received it seems like you are enjoying the movies!

This month saw my clips4sale studio reach the number one position in the mm spanking category. What I was most proud of though, was Bailey' Bath Brush Beating reaching the overall number one position in Clips4Sale! I'm not sure a male spanking video has ever done this before.

For me though, I have really enjoyed the interaction on this blog. Over the last few days there has been loads of comments left to the posts and I love how many of you are joining in and chatting with each other! 

So I wanted to give something back.........

What I have put together is a compilation lasting over 2 hours! This includes the interviews with Andy and Bailey re-edited so that they now have video previews of the different movies that they are discussing. I have also mixed it up with many of my other movie previews...

There is also a brand new movie featuring Bailey that is 18 mins long! This new movie follows on from Bailey's last interview and we see him getting spanked and caned as a punishment for a crime he committed when he was at school! So I hope this brand new, free spanking movie makes all the other shameless promotion and advertising on the clip justifiable!

Here is the link to download this free male spanking movie. It is a huge file though so will take some time to download! 

One thing I wanted to ask you to do was this. Right now I am trying to raise the profile of this blog on google. The more new people that find this and then go on to make a purchase simply means the more money I will have to spend to pay the models and make more movies! My blog has now been listed on BestMaleBlogs. What it needs on there is your votes! The more positive votes I get the higher the profile it gets on there which in turn leads to more views! If you would like to help me with this you can do it quickly by clicking here.

One last thing. If anyone has their own blog or website and fancies linking back to this blog it really helps with my google listings. If anyone can help with that I'd really appreciate it!

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Mr X

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Andy - Free Interview Download!

Hey Everyone!

Wow! What a day of filming I had with Andy yesterday! We shot some pretty wild stuff! I briefly interviewed Andy afterwards and have decided to release it for you now. I have also included some tiny tasters of what was filmed to be released later. 

I hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you think by hitting the comment button below!

You can download this for free by clicking here!


Mr X

Monday, 27 August 2012

Footballer Jay - Spanked for Fighting - Part One

Jay is an arrogant, angry, beefy, straight young footballer. He seems to lash out with his fists without even thinking......

It has happened once to many times and his Football Coach has decided to teach this moody young man an embarrassing and painful lesson!

Jay works out. He is muscular guy and is a hit with the ladies..

He takes his football very seriously though and if things don't go his way he tends to 'fix' the situation with his fists!

Jay has been sent to see the Mr X (the local, community Spanker) to be taught a hard lesson. Mr X grills Jay about his behaviour and then does the inevitable and drags him over his knee!

Mr X goes to town on Jay's incredible beefy. bubble butt! He spanks it hard! Jay tries to keep calm and but all that stops when Mr X orders Jay to remove his shirt and his football shorts!

Jay ends up getting spanked long and hard. Jay is very vocal and squirms and kicks and protests and yells and is pushed beyond anything he ever thought he could take and is left broken and sore!

Free Video Preview

""".........More from Mr X!

You really have to see this! Jay has the most amazing butt I have ever spanked! He has an incredible beefy bubble butt! Jay took a real hard spanking and he is very vocal as the pain hit in! At 20 mins long Jay endured a lot!"""""

Full length movie is available to purchase now...

20 mins long
166 mb

Add to Cart

Footballer Jay - Spanked for Fighting - Coming Soon!

...........are you guys and gals ready for yet another new model?

.......................................................................well I'd like you to meet Jay!

....a young muscled footballer with the most amazing beefy bubble butt I have ever spanked!!!

..........and boy does that bottom get spanked hard!

Coming very soon!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

College Lad James - Extra Images!

So James has proved to be a very popular addition to the Straight Lads Spanked group of naughty guys!

He recently filmed a new movie called "College Lad Spanked - Introducing James"
which can be found here!

One happy viewer left this comment this morning...

Hi Mr X. I bought this clip last night. Love it! Will you be posting any higher quality images of this lad. He's hot!

Well I never had any other images of James so I sent James an email explaining about how well his movie had been received and asking if he had any pics that I could share here. 

James replied within about 10 mins with these photos attached.! He says that he has read all the comments and really appreciates them and has not ruled out filming some more!

I hope you enjoy them!

See James debut movie by clicking here

Friday, 24 August 2012

Ben - Bubble Bath Blues

This hot new video features gratuitous, lingering full frontal shots of hot new model Ben that some viewers may find delightful!

Ben is a lazy young man that is still stuck living at home with his Mum and Dad. With no job and no prospects he is relying on his parents to keep him!

Ben has a new girlfriend who lives quite far away..

Ben decided to borrow Dad's car to make the journey...

Ben has been forbidden to drive his Dad's car as he has no insurance...

Ben's Dad finds out!!!!!

Ben is blissfully unaware that his crime has been discovered. He has had a lovely day with his girlfriend and now it's time for bed. Ben gets undressed, grabs a towel and heads for a nice relaxing soak in the bathtub! Ben is having nice thoughts about time spent with his girlfriend as he lies back in the bubbles...

After slowly drying himself off, Ben heads back to the bedroom where he puts on his pyjamas and gets into bed...

He is just about to fall asleep when his furious father barges into the bedroom! Ben tries to deny that he took the car but he never reckoned on his suspicious Dad taking a note of the mileage!
Ben is in BIG trouble, he is sent to his fathers room to fetch his slipper.

The handsome but lazy young man is then dragged over his fathers knee and has his bottom soundly spanked and slippered!

"You are going to remember this Ben!"

OUCH!! ....OWWW!

A well deserved spanking leaves Ben with a very sore bottom and a smarting ego!

Here is a free 'censored' video preview.

15 minutes
169 mb