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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Spanked Footballers (Part 1)

 In this recent release by Straight Lads Spanked, Dom and Harry star as two
The two handsome lads are the local team's two top football players, but they have managed to loose the game by fighting over a girl and are sent to Mr X to experience his unique and effective method of dealing with unruly young lads.

Both boys are still squabbling and blaming each other
Mr X decides to get to the bottom(s) of the problem, what follows is 23 minutes of virtually non-stop spanking 
Harry goes over Mr X's knee first for a hard spanking on the seat of his football shorts
Harry is followed over Mr X's experienced knee by Dom ..
Who also receives a firm lecture from Mr X

Next the boys are spanked in their underpants ..
  Again Harry goes first
Dom laughs at the sight of his team mate in such a humiliating position ...

But the grin is soon wiped off his face
as Mr X pulls down the young Soccer player's pants
And places Dom's underpants covered bottom over his knee 
Soon Dom too is getting what he deserves ...
... a good, hard, over the knee spanking!!
The lads' tender bottoms are only protected by the thin fabric of their underpants ...
Soon even that protection is gone - the next stage of the spanking will be on their 
bare bottoms!!
If the boys think they  are sore now, just wait till they find out what's coming!!

Expect two very sore and very red bottoms


Spanked Footballers (Part 2)

Spanked Footballers Harry & Dom are two of the teams top football players. However, they managed to lose the game by fighting!

All over some girl!

Well Mr X is furious at seeing his team lose and demands to get some answers.

The two lads are still arguing and still being cocky! That all changes when Mr X has them naked and over his knee!

However, the spanking does not seem to be getting through to the lads as they are still squabbling. 
So Mr X decides that if they want to hit each other they can do it there and then!
So Harry gets to spank his friend Dom...

...and then Dom gets to spank Harry!

Mr X orders the boys to shake hands

The final part is as was especially requested and paid for by the two footballer's team mates..

To properly get the message through, Mr X dishes out some hard slaps to each of the lads from his thick leather paddle!


More from Mr X of Straight Lads Spanked:

"This movie was shot some time ago when Dom and Harry just joined Straight Lads Spanked. It was the first time they had seen each other getting spanked. To actually get them to spank each other took a lot of convincing but I hope you agree it was well worth while!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tommy - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

The phone rings with bad news!!
Tommy is in trouble, he was supposed to collect his 12 year old brother from school, but he forgot. So the school phoned his Dad and told him the boy had been abandoned. Dad had to leave work and pick up Tommy's brother - and he's not pleased!!
 Dad phones Tommy and tells him he will get the belt when he gets home 

 Tommy unwisely tells his Dad to "Fuck Off!" and that he is going to move out - BAD MOVE

Poor Tommy, he phones all his mates, and even an old girlfriend trying to find somewhere else to stay - but he can't find anywhere - He realises there is no escape from Dad ...and Dad's belt!!  
 Tommy has no option but to wait for Dad ...
 Knowing what to expect
 He strips down to his underpants as Dad instructed and continues to await his punishment
 Dad arrives and he is furious with Tommy, not only for forgetting to pick up his little brother but also for swearing at his father .....
 Tommy knows he is in for a seriously sore bottom!
 Dad removes his belt
 after ordering Tommy to lie on some pillows so that his bottom presents a fine target
 The punishment begins

 Tommy begs with Dad not to beat his bare bottom
 But Dad still pulls them down ..
 Leaving Tommy totally naked and exposed
 Now the bad boy is going to get what he deserves ..
 .... as the rest of Tommy's beating is on his bare behind

Many whacks later Dad pauses to survey his handiwork

A very sore and well punished straight boy!!