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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ben and Karl - The Humiliation (Part 1)

Watch Handsome Ben get his comeuppance with a heavy layer of *HUMILIATION*

The Saga of the Footballers Awards ceremony Continues!

Cocky Ben has behaved very badly! He spiked 18 year old Karl's drink with Viagra and then locked him in the toilets! Karl could not find a way out and was trapped in there all night long! His parents were frantic with worry and called the police!

So Ben has been brought to justice! He was sent to see Mr X (the local community spanker) for punishment! Ben thinks he is a tough guy and reckons a spanking is a small price to pay for the fun of the previous night!

He is already over Mr X's knee awaiting his punishment when Mr X introduces the surprise guest. He has invited Karl to watch Ben receive his punishment!

Ben can't bear it! The humiliation is too much! But he realises he has no choice!

So once again, Ben drapes himself over Mr X's knee to receive his punishment! Ben really struggles and can't stand the fact that Karl is standing there watching and laughing!

Karl really enjoys seeing his tormentor getting his well deserved comeuppance

More humiliation for Ben as he is ordered to strip down to his underpants

Things then take a very interesting turn when Mr X receives a phone call and has to leave the room.

 Lets just say that Ben soon wipes the smile off Karl's face!!!

However, not for long Ben's revenge may be short lived and costly ….

You don't want to miss part 2............

""""""More from Mr X! This was a very interesting shoot indeed! It was certainly Ben's toughest spanking to date. This was actually shot just before his birthday spanking. The truth is Ben is in real life a shy guy. He really struggles with the pain of spanking and having Karl there watching was a real issue for him! All adds up to a great movie!"""""""

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Ben and Karl - The Humiliation (Part 2)

Monday, 18 March 2013

Footballers Out Of Control - Andy, Oliver & Jay - Part One


It is the football teams end of season awards ceremony! The team did well but some of players were not there to receive the awards! Andy Lee, Jay and Oliver had other things planned!

These three hunk footballers were caught with a prostitute in a Hotel room! There was also some suspicions white powder found in the room!

The team was shamed!

So still dressed in their smart suits, the three naughty lads are sent by the coach to see local spanker Mr X!

What happens next is over 20 mins of handsome straight lads slowly getting stripped out of their suits and spanked hard! It's bad enough getting a spanking from Mr X but a whole lot worse when it is in front of two of your team-mates!

This movie runs at over 25 mins long and it is only Part One! 

(Just wait till you see Part Two)!


"More from Mr X!: This was probably one of my most challenging movies to film so far! Trying to keep these three boisterous straight lads under control, whilst direct, film and of course deliver the spankings was no mean feat! I'm going to be honest and say that this was not my slickest of productions. Here is some behind the scenes gossip for you! Andy was never meant to be in this movie. It was meant to be Ben with Andy on camera duties. However, something happened last minute and Ben could not make it so Andy bravely stepped up! So that left me without a cameraman! So yes, occasionally other cameras or tripods come into shot. It's not perfect. However, I don't think that spoils anything. What you end up with is a very real spanking movie! Everything you see and hear is exactly as it happened on the day. 3 real straight lads facing very real and painful over the knee spankings"

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Jay - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Jay has been a naughty lad! Using the house phone to call adult chat lines! Jay's father gets an expensive phone bill though and realises what his horny son has been doing!

Jay has been made to wait for his father to return home. He knows that he is going to face the belt from his father. So this young, built muscle guy strips off his clothes and lays on his bed waiting for Dad to come home.

Angry Dad comes home and lectures young Jay about using the house phone in such a disrespectful manner. Jay has got no means of repaying the money so Dad makes him pay with his belt!

Dad begins to lash the belt down on his young sons beefy butt. Jay really feels the swats from the beginning and squirms around trying to avoid his Dad's hits.

Eventually Jay has to remove his underwear exposing his already bruised bottom!

 The belt continues to strike until Dad decides that Jay has learnt his lesson!

Dad leaves the room and Jay is left nursing his sore bottom...



Monday, 11 March 2013

Oliver - Chinese Birch - 36 Lashes

Oliver is facing some strong punishment!
Oliver is resigned to his fate!
Oliver assumes the position!
Oliver is facing 36 lashes from the Chinese Birch!
12 over his jeans
12 over his underwear
12 over his bare bottom
The different camera angles capture every moment of Olivers discomfort as the Chinese Birch hits its mark!
(this movie contains scenes of full frontal nudity)




Sunday, 10 March 2013

Forest Nettle whipping (Part 2) Andy's Revenge

This movie follows directly on from Part One! Furious Andy Lee drags Liam through the forest to get his revenge! Shirtless Andy easily pick Liam up with one strong arm and proceeds to spank this leather clad bikers bottom! 

Liam is protesting and wriggling around but Andy does not let go. Soon the leather trousers are ripped down. Andy grabs a fresh bunch of stinging nettles and Liam is helpless as Andy proceeds to thrash his bare butt with the nettles. 

You can clearly see the effect this has on Liam's smooth pale bottom. It does not stay milly white for long though as Andy continues to spank Liam's already stung and throbbing cheeks hard and fast whilst wearing a leather clad glove! 

Liam is left on the forest floor gasping fro breath and nursing a very sore bottom as Andy leaves. Revenge is sweet!



On Liam's tender fair skinned bottom a nettle rash will sting for hours!