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Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Greetings from Scotland. Having a riotous evening celebrating Hogmany with my parents and 3 brothers. (Yes there is more of me)!

Hope you are all having a nice celebration. Be merry and safe!

I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a brilliant year!

Mr X

Jack - Spanked Hard For Drunk Driving - Coming Soon!

Hey Everyone! Of course with all the excitement of the new website. Lets not forget the fun on here! All the movies will still be released on here and available to buy as normal using Paypal. Next up is a new movie featuring new model Jack! Jack has got a blonde haired youthful look about him and really takes a hard spanking! Preview video will be released on Wednesday and the full movie will be available on Friday! :) 

This movie is already available to download in the members section in my new mm spanking video website.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Straight Lads Spanked


Thank you so much for all the positive comments about the new website! The server exploded last night with all the downloading that was going on! I hope you are all enjoying the movies!

You know I was doing some maths last night and I worked out that if you take advantage of my introductory membership offer you would be getting around 80 movies for £45.00 which is about 56p or 90 cents a movie!

I am aware there has been some issues with not all of the links working. I think I have corrected most of them. If anyone finds anything further that does not quite do as it should please drop me a line and I'll sort it out

You can get a direct link to the new website here!

Male Spanking Videos


Mr X

Friday, 28 December 2012

Brand New Website - Now Live!

 Straight Lads SPANKED site

I am delighted to tell you that my new website is now 100% live and up and running!

You can check it out here

You can find all of my movies on here as well as a brand new members section!

Membership of the website will give you the following....

Unlimited Access To The Entire Move Library
One Brand New Movie Every Week
Access To Movies Before They Are Available To Pay Per View Customers

I am running a limited promotion for membership which ends on January 6th which will give you a monthly membership for just 
$29.99 or £19.51 per month! 

In addition to this, you will get the first 90 days of membership for the reduced price of $69.95 or £45.51!

So this will give you access to my library of 68 movies as well as one brand new movie every week for the 90 days which will be a further 11 brand new movies!

(When this promotional offer ends on January 6th the regular price will be $79.95 for 90 days recurring at $34.99 per month.)

I hope you all enjoy the new website, if you have any questions, please hit the comment button below and I'll get straight back to you.


Mr X

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Gift from Andy!


Andy got a special present made for me! He has just sent me this picture of him modelling it which I though I would share with you.

Isn't it brilliant?

I love it!

Thanks Andy!

Merry Christmas from Straight Lads Spanked!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

So let me confess. This is not the Christmas posting I thought I would be making today. I always imagined I would have some festive movie made to present to you all today. In fact, I had it all planned in my head! I'm afraid though, that it never got made. I am sorry about that.

However, I feel that there is a good reason for this. As I mentioned on a previous posting I am in the process of building a brand new Straight Lads Spanked website. This venture started a few weeks ago and to be honest it has taken up most of my time. In fact, it seems that all I have been doing is sitting in front of the computer loading up all the data!

I am so excited about this and I wish I could show it to you all right now. In fact, I actually signed it all off last night so it is effectively finished and ready to go. All I am waiting for now is the good people at Epoch to return from their festive break on boxing day and give it the thumbs up and adjust some of the background code. All being well it will be live by the end of this week.

There will be two major advances with this new website.

1. You will now be able to purchase the movies using your credit card if you wish. (though for those of you that have been using Paypal you can continue doing that directly through this blog)

2. Here is the bit I am most excited about! I am going to have a members area! This means you will be able to join up for a monthly fee and have full access to all of my movies as well as getting a brand new movie every week.

I have also worked out a special offer for this members area which will be available for 7 days and it will offer you a great saving over the regular price.

I have also added some cool features like being able to search for the movies using a drop down A to Z list. You will also be able to search through the models and instantly see all the movies they have ever been in.

The main reason though for this post was just to reach out to you all and say a massive thank you for all your support. Can you believe I only started this in May? You guys and girls have been amazing. I love how involved you have got with my postings and I love the interaction on here. I read every comment you leave and I do my best to respond to everything. One other thing that blew me away this year was the people wanting to give some gifts to the models. All of your Paypal donations have been passed on and you have no idea how much it meant to the guys. In fact, for a couple of the guys it really made a real difference to their Christmas experience. I will be arranging some personal video thank you's from them just as soon as I can.

With regards to filming new material. I am fortunate to have quite a lot of movies already filmed which has allowed me to take some time out and concentrate on the new website. I never stop thinking of ideas though and I have lots planned for 2013. I am hoping to introduce some new tops (spankers), different locations and of course some new models. Trust me, as far as movies are concerned, there is a lot more to come!

I would also like to say another massive thanks to my Editor Art. Wow! This guy is amazing! He just gets what I am doing and somehow manages to turn my botched filming attempts into some great movies. Art is a professional film editor by trade and does all the Straight Lads Spanked work after hours in his own time. A great guy that does a brilliant job!

So on behalf of myself and all the guys I hope you are having a lovely Christmas. Please keep in touch on here as always.


Mr X


A Christmas Mash Up Movie!

Hey Everyone!

So recently JockSpank got together with Sting Movies and produced an excellent, fun Christmas giveaway! Many of the spanking studios got involved and I was really delighted and honoured to be asked to contribute.

This movie is available for you all to download free of charge by clicking here!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Bruce and Ward at Jockspank for all of their support since I started this venture.

Ward in particular has been a real support to me from the beginning and has done an incredible amount of work not only getting this blog up and running initially but to this day, helping me with my postings. So I just wanted to give him a special thank you here! Thanks Ward!

Sadly due to what is a temporary glitch with Blogger, the main JockSpank site is not available at the moment. However, they have moved over to a back up blog and are still going strong. You can find them here.


Mr X

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Bailey - Red Card Red Bottom - (Featuring Dr Barton)

So following on from the recent compilation release of Andy & Bailey's earlier movies I am delighted to be able to present to you this classic clip featuring Bailey and the one and only Dr Barton!

I am making this movie available at the bargain price of just $6.99

Bailey - Red Card Red Bottom

Bailey is back and boy is he in trouble! Bailey has been sent off (yet again) for being arrogant on the pitch and abusing the ref. The scene starts with Bailey heading towards the changing room, stripping out of his football kit and enjoying a nice hot shower. Just as e is toweling off and about to get dressed to head home a furious Coach Barton storms in! Bailey is told he has 5 mins to get dressed and get to Coach Barton's office. The coach tears into Bailey and tells him that he has had enough of his behavior and that Bailey's time on the team is over! Bailey is devastated to hear this and pleads for a final chance. Coach Barton explains that if he were Baileys father he would be giving him a dam good hiding! Bailey decides that is a better option than losing his place on the team. So this moody young man finds himself over his coaches knee, getting spanked on his shorts, they do not stay on for long though and soon enough he has to take them down and the punishment continues on his tight, white underwear. Coach Barton really dishes it out and Bailey is wriggling around and clearly struggling to take the blows. Inevitably, the underwear gets pulled down and it's Bailey's athletic bare bottom that gets spanked. It seems that Bailey can hardly take any more and Coach Barton finally relents and makes this sorry lad stand facing the wall with his shorts pulled down and his bright red bottom exposed. After a few moments like this Coach Barton decides that Bailey needs a final lesson and he is made to bend over the chair and receive some hard swats from the coaches wooden paddle! This really gets the message home especially when Bailey feels the paddle hitting his already sore bare bottom! Bailey leaves humiliated, broken and determined to improve his attitude!

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14 mins long

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