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Friday, 21 December 2012

Andy & Bailey Fest! The Early Years! New Compilation!

Hey Everyone,

I have had quite a few requests for the very first movies I ever filmed with Andy and Bailey. These were originally available on a different site and I am delighted to be able to offer them to you here on Straight Lads Spanked. This really was where it all started.

So what I have put together is 4 movies which are

Builders in Trouble - Part One 
(this movie was actually titled 'Builders get Spanked Part One')

Builders in Trouble - Part Two
Birthday Spanking - Bailey
Birthday Spanking - Andy

So this was the first time I ever met these lads and it was their first ever spanking shoot. As most of you will know by now,  Andy had never bothered to tell Bailey exactly what he was getting into and poor Bailey had no idea he was going to get spanked!

These were one of the first movies I ever filmed and I will be the first to admit that the production values leave a lot to be desired! Regardless of that though, they still show two masculine straight guys receiving their first ever adult spankings, slippering and canings! (yes we did shoot all this in one afternoon)

The whole compilation comes to 52 minutes and I am offering them all here for the bargain price of just $9.99. 

Available to purchase now

52 Minutes Long

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(Please note that these movies have previously been released individually, so please check to see that you don't already own them)


  1. Mr X, how can I thank you? Whatgreat movies. Have downloaded this and gone straight to Andy's caning and then onto Bailey. You knew I would! Well Andy is just a big girl's blouse, they are love taps not canings! In this one, Bailey seems to almost enjoy it, he has a big grin! They must both be coming up to their 25th soon - I reckon they should receive it alongside each other, bare arsed all the way. (Peter G)

  2. Haha! Enough of your cheek Peter! Mr X does not administer 'love taps'! lol! Actually I do love Andy's reactions to the cane in this movie. You can see he is really struggling with it!

  3. I luv Andys vids! He's a cool guy and he's effin Hott!! Liam (Hornypup)


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