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Friday 7 December 2012

Footballer Spanked - Tommy - Brand New Straight Hunk!

Tommy is a new player on the local football team! This 20 year old straight lad has been drafted in from another team. He is a great player and very confident about his looks and his abilities. 

He made a major mistake though and broke the most important team rule!


Tommy was caught with star player Bailey's girlfriend! That was a huge mistake! Bailey found out and there was a fight in the locker rooms. For once, Bailey was not to blame or in trouble!

Tommy was ordered by the coach to pay a visit to the local spanker Mr X!

Tommy has no idea what to expect as none of the other lads would tell him. 

Tommy soon finds himself getting dragged of Mr X's knee! This is the last thing this beef young lad expected!

Mr X proceeds to give Tommy a no nonsense over the knee spanking!

Tommy does his best to act like a real man and not show any emotion..

Which simply means that the spanking is harder and longer until Mr X finally gets this sorry lad to react!

Tommy ends up with a very sore, red bottom after a very hard spanking!

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"""More from Mr X!!!!!!!!!

 I am so excited to introduce Tommy! I am sure you are gonna love him! He fits perfectly into the Straight Lads Family! He is great looking with a good body and a beefy but! He also took a mean spanking!  Special thanks to the Straight Lads Spanked editor Art who once again turned this into such a slick production. It was also the first time I used my new lighting and I think you can really tell the difference. Please be sure to hit the comment button below and let me know what you think. ""

19 minutes long
145 mb


  1. Another nortie boy/pretty boi with lovely slappable strappable leggies! Me thinks you had better hurry up and slap and strap the boy's thighs before I do it for you Mr X, once I have finished dealing with Karl and my lovely Lee! I actually spanked my Lee for the first time when he was wearing football kit and soon reminded him that an occupational hazzard for any boy having footballers' legs when I am about is that they almost inevitably end up having them slapped!

    If you are reading this young Thomas, remember to keep your arse in the air lad or there will indeed be a sound of rumpety-rump tin drum, as I also spank your rump and mark your bum!

  2. Yes Tommy will fit perfectly in Straight lads spanked, He is a good actor for his first time at being spanked. I loved the football shorts and great under wear too Tommy, it showed of his bottom very well, and what a bottom Tommy has, yes the lighting was the best way to show what a hard spanking Tommy was given. The redness of his bum was a joy to be hold. Great job Mr X. Welshboy.

  3. Where on earth did you find him? He's perfect!

  4. Tommy is incredible, what a great body

  5. Tommy is a wounderfull addition to the family, has a great body, eyes and show a very red bottom after a spanking, Art did a great job on putting it togeather, lighting was much better and you were great as always. (lori)

  6. Tommy is fit how do you find these str8 guys who are willing to take a spanking OTK the lads I know wouldn't do it I know you pay them but still you know. My only complaint is that he doesn't have much reaction and for me that's what makes a good clip :) perhaps he needed to go a but more of a beetroot color lol - LM

  7. Great clip, esp loved the view from directly behind, and also loved the way he took the spanking stoically, was a welcome change to the lads jumping around on Mr X's lap,trying to block the slaps.

  8. Tommy is just the sort of boy I fantasized about spanking throughout high school and college, an average guy jock type. Truly sexy. (Is there anything sexier than a big strapping lad getting an OTK spanking? Easy answer: NO!) He tries to take it like a man, but he learns--to his dismay and our pleasure--that a spanking really hurts. A lot. I nearly came when he kicked his leg during the bare bottom part of the spanking. And then there's his wee little cock. So sweet. And his big, expressive eyes. Tommy is a decent actor and I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I think he and Andy would make a great pair.


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