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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bailey - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!

Bailey is really in trouble. He has been drinking too much and has lost his job, his girlfriend and his home...... He has ended up moving back in with his parents. After a boozy night out, Bailey comes home and takes out his frustration by shouting at his mother.

His father who was working away for the evening finds out the next day. He is furious! he calls Bailey and really lays into him. Bailey is at rock bottom and tells his father how sorry he is. Dad is not interested and tells Bailey that he is ready to throw him out!! Bailey begs for a last chance. 

His father tells him that if he is going to stay then he has to be punished. Bailey can't believe what he is hearing. He remembers so well how bad his Dad's belt stung and can't believe that as a grown man he will have to suffer not only the indignity but also the excruciating pain. Bailey pleads and protests that he "is too old to get spanked" but it falls on deaf ears! He is told to either accept his punishment or pack his bags and leave...... 

 The time drags as Bailey waits or his father's return

He is genuinely sorry for his behaviour towards his mother. He knows the punishment is deserved, but that doesn't make it any less humiliating 

Bailey has to spend an agonising hour waiting for his father to get home. When the clock strikes 5pm. Bailey slowly strips off all of his clothes until this muscled lad is stark naked and reluctantly lies face down on his bed. 

Dad returns .......

 and removes his leather belt....

Bailey has been in this position before, but not for years

 He has never received anything as harsh as this before

 The belt is comes down on Bailey's tender buttocks. Bailey is a strong young man and tries hard to receive the hits without fuss but his father hits harder and harder. 

 The pain in Baileys pert bottom increases and starts to burn

Dad intends to teach Bailey a harsh life lesson

 Bailey soon loses all sense of self control and is soon writhing around the bed. Trying to avoid the belt and begging his father to stop.

 His father ignores the pitiful pleas and continues to thrash the bad boy harder and harder............ and harder! 

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Real Domestic Discipline Video

17 minutes


  1. Thanks! Is this Stephen from Magic Factory? :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Stephen! Welcome to my blog! Good to have you onboard. Thanks for the comment regarding the music. I felt it has that gentle sense of impending doom that is required for the Wait Till Your Father Gets Home series....

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Worked very well indeed. Loved it!

  5. Wow, so extremely hot. I love Bailey (so hot!) and I love this blog!!

  6. Yes Bailey as got one very hot body that's even before he gets spanked or the belt in this case. I like the look of his feet also they are great too.

    1. Oh I did some close ups of Baileys feet in this clip as I know people appreciate them


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