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Friday, 25 May 2012

Office Junior Spanked - Bailey & Danny

Danny is a lazy worker! His boss is away and he takes advantage by reading the newspaper and having a lunchtime drink! Danny's boss (Bailey) comes back unexpectedly and can't believe what he is seeing! Not only is Danny lazing around he has not completed and important project. Bailey tells Danny in no uncertain terms that the project needs to be completed that afternoon! Alone once again in the office Danny can't be bothered with work and instead decides to have a look at some internet porn instead! Bailey comes back early and catches Danny red-handed jerking away to filth on the company computer. Enough is enough and Bailey tells Danny to bend over the desk. It's time for Danny to be taught a lesson. Handsome Bailey removes his belt and proceeds to lash Danny's bottom. Danny can't believe what is happening and protests loudly. Bailey is on a mission though and does not relent! In fact Danny is ordered to remove his suit jacket and trousers and the belting continues over his white Calvin Klein briefs! Danny has no option but to cling onto the desk and take the beating. Bailey still feels that Danny needs more punishment and pulls down his underwear, revealing an already red and sore bottom. The belting continues on Danny's bare buttocks! Danny feels it can't get any worse! He was wrong. Bailey grabs a chair and drags Danny over his knee and spanks his bottom hard. Danny's legs are quivering and shaking as he feels the full force of Bailey's fury! Finally Bailey finishes, orders Danny to get dressed and get back to work! 

Danny is lazing around in the office!

"Boss Bailey rips into Danny"

Jerking to porn at work!

"You have gone too far Danny"

"Bend Over That Desk"

"Bailey belts Danny hard"

"This will teach you to jerk off in my time"!

"Bailey has belted and spanked Danny till his bottom is red raw"

"Defeated Danny gets on with his work"!

.....more from Mr X... Wow! This was something I never expected to happen. I couldn't quite believe it when Bailey agreed to have a go at dishing out the spanking! He took to the role like a true pro and you would honestly believe he had been doing this for ages! Bailey and Danny look so smart and handsome in their suits and the sight of these young straight men spanking is simply stunning! 

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