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Monday, 17 September 2012

Bailey - Leather Strap - 36 Lashes!

This new male spanking movie featuring Bailey gets straight to the point!

Bailey is told to assume the position to take his punishment. 

The punishment is 36 hard strokes from the 3 stranded leather strap!

12 over denim!

12 over underwear!

12 bare bottom!

This video contains some lovely visuals of handsome Bailey in all his glory as well as some very real painful reactions to what was a very real strapping!

Available to purchase now!

10 mins 


  1. A good spanking video with the tawse.

    I am curious, though. What did naughty Bailey do to earn THIS strapping?

    1. hhmmmmmm. Bailey had been bullying some of the lads on the building site again Rasputin. Old Mr Smith sent him!

  2. I loved Bailey's face by the end of that spanking, he did look very sorry for himself, that's the thing I love about Bailey is his acting or is it? But I still love his look as he gets spanked, Like Rasputin. I would like to know what bailey has done this time to earn a red hot bottom. Welshboy.

    1. hmmm, with Bailey there is never any acting regarding his reactions to the spanking (though I should say that about all of the lads I work with)!

  3. Personally, I don't care he got it...I'm just glad he did.


    Besides, with a d--- like that, I'm sure he needs regular (and, perhaps, increasingly severe) doses of humiliation to keep himself from getting WAY too cocky (no pun intended).

    1. Sorry...meant to say, "I don't care WHY he got it...I'm just glad he did."

  4. What can I say I love, love Mr. Bailey.LOL
    His eyes tell the whole story for me an you can tell its very painful.

  5. Bailey is one of a kind, Love to watch him in action. I would like to see one punishment involving trouble with a women if possible.


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