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Friday 12 October 2012

Mouth Soaping - Andy

Andy has been sent to see Mr X yet again! This time it is to be punished for his constant swearing around the building site.

Mr X wastes no time in getting the beefy lad over his knee!

Foul Mouthed Andy!

When Mr X tells Andy to remove his jeans he refuses and continues to swear!

Big Mistake!

Mr X drags Andy by his ear into the kitchen and gets him over the sink.

....and proceeds to wash out his filthy mouth with soap!

Andy is then forced to hold the soap in his mouth as he gets his bare bottom spanked with a wooden spatula!

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7 mins long
143 mb


  1. Nice scenario but only thing is I don't fancy Andy :(

  2. I have been waiting for this release since it was teased a few backs. And I must say, it was WELL worth the wait. Andy is rather adorable - rugged and manly, yet sweet and approachable. Mr. X's first dabble into mouth soaping is a success, in my opinion. While the bar could have been softer and sudsier - the vigor with which it was applied, more than made up for that fact! There is even a "deleted scene" included at the end of the clip. While it is the opposite of hot & sexy, it was real and appreciated.
    I hope this is the first of many soaping scenes ... I know I would love to see Oliver and Bailey follow next!
    Well worth the wait, now lets bring on the brush beating of Andy!

  3. great video. I would like to see Andy and his honda. he should be lashed in leathers!!!!

  4. loved this video. Nice to finally see a big boy taken firmly by the ear. Would love to see all of your boys in this compromising position.

  5. What a man Andy is I have longed to see this video, and it has not disappointed, As we say in Wales he is "Sex on legs". WOW white under wear was a nice view of a wonderful bum. I loved Andy's acting at the start, I am glad you put in the outcome of the soap in the mouth, as it shows the lengths Andy will go to, to get the video to look good. I want to thank Andy for doing this video, it is the best he has done so far and also to you Mr X BEST VIDEO so far, Best Wishes Welshboy.

    1. *sex on legs is that welsh no no they say that anywhere :)

    2. 50 shades of grey page 316

  6. This video is a wonderful bargain. I am sure that getting spanked, being dragged by his ear, and having his mouth washed out with soap like a naughty little boy was a humiliating (and nauseating) experience for a big, brawny guy like Andy.

    Andy's acting was superb throughout this video. The kind of underwear he was wearing while being spanked with the spoon was excellent. I felt sorry for him while he was being soaped - Andy is truly a good sport. This brawny bear of a guy also seems to have a gentle side to him - dare I use such adjectives as "cute" or "sweet-tempered" to describe a bruiser like Andy?

  7. Mr X, there are four models of the Honda Shadow - the Aero, the Phantom, the RS and the Spirit. Which one of these magnificent machines did Andy buy?


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