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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Karl and Sebastian - Locker Room Thief - Part 1

Straight Lads Spanked

Footballer Karl has been stealing from his team mates
up until now he has been getting away with it

but his luck is about to run out

Caught Red Handed! And Sebastian has photographic evidence proving Karl is the thief

Football player Karl has been caught red handed stealing from the Locker Room. Team Captain Sebastian is not happy at all and decides to dish out an on the spot punishment!

Sebastian takes young Karl over his knee and spanks his bottom! Sebastian starts off on Karl's shorts

then pulls them down and spanks him on his boxer shorts

and then, finally on his bare bottom!

Sebastain does not mess around and delivers a strong spanking from the beginning!

Soon Karl's bottom is very sore and very red …


but the team captain just carries on spanking, determined to teach the young thief a lesson 

However, the day's events are about to take a turn which neither player had expected

To Be Continued in Part 2

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Straight Lads Spanked

More from SLS Producer Dave,
"""it was really fun getting Team Captain Sebastain back to do some more spanking and he wasn't shy about dishing it out this time! I do hope you enjoy this movie as much as we all enjoyed making it"""

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