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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Fraser - Take a Cold Shower


Fraser has had his phone confiscated by his Father. Naughty Fraser though is really missing having his phone and being able to text and contact his lady friends so decides to steal it back!

The horny young rascal attempts to persuade local girls to send him nude pictures of themselves – but with no success 
Fraser has also been missing being able to access adult movies!

He is feeling very frustrated and uses his phone to access the internet and watch some filthy entertainment!

Dad walks in just at the wrong moment and and catches Fraser in a very embarrassing situation.

Dad is disgusted at what he finds!

It seems that Fraser has a serious issue with the type of material he is watching and this is affecting his relationship with the opposite sex.

His father can see that extra lessons have to be learned!

Fraser is given a very hard over the knee spanking.

But that is just a warm-up leading to good, hard whacking from a wooden spatula which he is sent to collect!

Fraser just knows that is going to sting...

it does!!

The punishment progresses as Dad pulls down Fraser's underpants ..

and spanks him on his already stinging bare bottom

which stings even more!! 
That horrid spatula is back in action

and now that really hurts Fraser's bare bottom

Dad is intent on giving young Fraser the punishment he believes his son deserves

Almost 14 long minutes of non - stop spanking leaves Fraser a very red, sore and sorry lad

But we all know Fraser, as soon as the sting from this spanking is forgotten, he will start earning the next one!

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