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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Andy Lee Returns in "Locker Room Thief" (Parts 1 and 2)

One of Straight Lads Spanked earliest and most popular stars, Andy Lee makes a welcome return, as Coach Andy in 

Part 2 follows immediately after part one (which was posted here recently), in which soccer team captain Sebastian caught football player Karl stealing money from lockers, and decides to take Karl's discipline into his own hands, by pulling Karl over his knee, pulling down his shorts and spanking his bare bottom.

That episode ended when Coach Andy walked into the locker room

Coach Andy is not pleased at all with Team Captain Sebastian taking matters into his own hands and spanking Karl for stealing. As far as Andy is concerned team discipline is down to him, and he makes that fact very clear indeed to Sebastian.

With the hard firm palm of his hand

So Andy decides to teach Sebastian a lesson and that lesson is a spanking! 

Not only does Team Capitan Sebastian have to deal with the pain of the spanking, it's the sheet humiliation of getting spanked whilst young football player Karl watches! How embarrassing! 
It gets even more embarrassing for team captain Sebastian when Coach Andy pulls down his pants and spanks his bare bottom

Karl is really enjoying watching the team captain get his comeuppance, as Sebastian's bottom gets redder and sorer with each stinging SMACK!

Of course, the young thief is much less happy when Andy, seeing him laughing, decides that Karl should be punished further! 

So this movie features both Sebastian and Karl getting spanked by Andy Lee! 

However, events take an unexpected turn when Karl's Dad arrives and catches the coach spanking his son!!

Despite Andy's attempts to explain, Karl's Dad is not happy as he feels that Andy should have gotten permission before dishing out the punishment.

So it is time for Andy Lee to learn a lesson! 
Karl's Dad decides that Andy should get a taste of his own medicine and so the coach is spanked whilst Sebastian and Karl watch! Very embarrassing!


Of course, Sebastian and Karl also get spanked.

For Sebastian it is his second bare bottom spanking in the space of an hour

for Karl it is the third time his bottom has been spanked

Just when the lads think it is all over they are made to bend over and touch the bench whilst they get their bare bottoms blistered with the wooden paddle! 

The result is three very red, very sore and well spanked bottoms!

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