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Monday, 14 January 2013

The Blog - The Future!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all well and not feeling the effects of the cold too much?

So I just wanted give you some updates with my plans and ideas for the future of Straight Lads Spanked, well specifically the community side of things!

So this blog has been great fun and it's been great how many people have joined and commented and interacted, not only with my posting, but with each other. So I certainly want to continue with that.

It makes sense to me though to keep everything under the same roof though and I guess that place should be the new website

So I have created some new features on the website that I hope you will enjoy/use.

Firstly I have created a new blog! So from now on I will be doing my posting there. You can check it out here

So anyone can join in and comment on the blog. You don't have to be signed up member of the site.

In addition to this, I have now added a comments box for each of the movies on the website where members can leave their thoughts on the movies.

Also, each movie has a rating system where members can rate the movie from 1 to 10! (please be kind)!

As for the future of this blog? Well it will still be here! I will probably keep it updated with the screenshots and video previews for the new releases (although all of that will also be on the new blog)

So I look forward to 'seeing' you on the new blog!


Mr X

PS if there are any Twitter or Facebook users you can now follow Straight Lads Spanked!

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Facebook -


  1. I used to love your work its to commercial now! What with Twiiter/Facebook really :/

  2. Hey Anonymous Person. Well my work has always been commercial. The lads have to get paid somehow. I don't quite follow how having a link to Facebook or Twitter affects the quality of my work? I mean surely, you either want to participate in such things or simply ignore them. Either way, the movies don't change.

    Maybe you could explain more?

    Mr X

  3. I feel as if you have Twitter/Facebook people might make fun or abuse what you do as you get some silly people but maybe not. I have no problem with the quality of your work its great what you do but maybe I'm a little curious than you. :)

    1. Hey! You get silly people everywhere! Sadly I even have to now moderate all of the comments on this blog due to people being nasty and troublemaking. Having Twitter and Facebook has only been positive and attracted new customers and fans!

  4. Mr X I have a suggestion for a scenario two fathers which are both brothers spanking there sons at the same time for being disrespectful what not then maybe they switch roles so uncles spanks them etc lol silly idea really just a thought ;)

  5. From what I have seen Mr. X isn't too scare of anything!

  6. Hi Mr X

    Re Commercial stuff.

    I think that there was concern regarding Twitter and Face book feeds that you might introduce women into your format of m/m spanking movies somehow.
    On Twitter, you had some banter going with some female doms and spankees etc, with their own websites
    The guys/models/actors from Straight lads are obviously entitled to do other work obviously.
    I just hope your website stays m/m. XX

    1. Hi, don't worry. Straight Lads Spanked will always be a MM Spanking site! That will never change


    2. I am pleased that you will stay m/m films Mr x.

      I would like to see more of Brett Stevens if he is up for it.

  7. Hi Mr X,

    I am pleased to hear that you will always be a M/M spanking site. x

  8. I think your site is awesome. The models you use are stunning, the scenarios are great. I spent last evening watching the Bailey / Andy Fest which is an amazing hour of spanking as well as some real honest interviews.

    I have blogged before that I love caning and your interview with Bailey when you get him to admit to cheating, and then you tell him you will be caning him all these years later, and his reaction, is just stunning.

    The warm up spanking is enough in itself, but then the eighteen strokes are just amazing to watch. As Bailey is so toned, his whole body contorts in each stroke, it is real pain that he does take like a man.

    And at the same time, I do honestly feel that he feels 'forgiven' at the end,


    Peter Gunshon