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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Paypal - End of an Era!

Hi Everyone,

I have been getting asked repeatedly what happened to the Paypal Payment option.

Well over the past few months this blog (and some other spanking blogs) have been getting hit with some rather abusive and nasty comments by one particular individual. This guy claims to be a fan of my work! Sadly it due to this one person that the blog is on lockdown and that all comments are moderated before getting posted. This is particularly sad as I always wanted the blog to be a a free and open forum.

Anyway, recently he contacted me and told me that he had already reported the blog to Paypal and was going to continue to do it.

Sadly I was left with no choice but to cancel the account. If I didn't, I stood the very real risk of Paypal just cancelling the account without warning and holding any funds.

I really am very sorry about this. All the movies are available to purchase individually on the main site using your credit card. I appreciate this is not ideal for everyone. To be 100% honest, it is not ideal for me or the models. The credit card processor takes a much higher percentage than Paypal ever did. There is no way I am passing that onto you guys. So it simply means less coming in = less funds to pay the models and purchase equipment.

The really sad thing about all of this is that when I spoke to the individual about the damage that he had caused he told me that he had no idea why he made the threats and that he was sorry!

So there we have it!

Mr X


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