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Friday, 11 January 2013

Footballer Jay - Spanked for Fighting - Part Two

Footballer Jay has been at it again! 

Fighting at an away football game causing the team to be fined precious league points.
He has been sent by his coach to see the local community spanker Mr X. 

This is a repeat offence and Jay knows what to expect!

Mr X does not appreciate repeat offenders!!

Jay turns up weairng his football kit and his flimsy shorts offer little protection from Mr X's hard hand spanks. The shorts soon get yanked down and this strapping, straight lad gets his beefy bottom spanked. Jay really has a remarkable chunky butt and his tight white briefs are tightly stretched accross his already throbbing cheeks!

Jay gets spanked hard and his constant vocal cries show just how much it is hurting! Mr X has to use all his strength to hold this straight lad in place as Jay wriggles around, trying to avoid the heavy spanks!

After some serious over the knee bare bottom spanking Jay thinks it is finally over. He was wrong! Mr X told him n the first visit that if he returned it would be worse! Jay has to stand up and lean over the chair and accept some hard strokes from Mr X's leather strap.

Jay's round buttocks quiver in anticpation of each swipe from the strap! He can't hold his position and has to be order back into postion by Mr X.

Jay is left sore and feeling very sorry for himself indeed!


  1. Watching this guy get spanked my eyes are drawn to his huge nuts just bouncing around so sexy....

  2. Mr X I bought a clip and the quality is fuzzy what can I do about this as I payed nearly £10 for it I was mean to buy this one I got wrong one now I'm stuck with that clip

  3. Hi There,

    If you send me an email to with some more information I will do what I can to get you sorted.


    Mr X