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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Kevin Real Punishment - "Don't Be Late" (PLUS Interview)

 At Straight Lads Spanked handsome Kevin gets taught a lesson in time keeping

This movies follows on from Kevin's debut appearance in Bad Start.
This is Kevin's second attempt at making a movie with Straight Lads Spanked. The first time around he messed up badly and didn't show up. He got spanked for real that time. 

You would think that he would have learned his lesson? Right?


 Kevin managed to turn up late for a second time and sheepishly attempted to explain his tardiness.   However, after Mr, X quickly exposed Kevin's excuses as untrue, he informed the unlucky lad that a second real punishment was in order!

Kevin was issued with an ultimatum. Either go home and end the working relationship with Straight Lads Spanked, or stay and accept his punishment. Kevin decided to that he would stay.

 Mr X had plenty of time to work out how to proceed with Kevin whilst waiting for him.

He decided that young Kevin should learn a hard lesson!

 Kevin will receive a very long, hard over the knee spanking. Not just from Mr X's hand, but he would also be introduced to the leather paddle! 

 During the punishment Mr X lectures Kevin telling him what is coming next

 And then delivering!

 Time for Kevin to get spanked on his bare bottom

 You can see how much the message was getting through as Kevin squirmed and kicked throughout his punishment!

 Kevin discovers that sitting down is not easy after a long, hard, spanking

And you can see why!
Mouse Spank Kevin's bottom, or CLICK HERE to visit Straight Lads Spanked

More from Producer Dave.........."This film was a real first for me in that it was shot in one continuous take. The camera started from before Kevin arrived at the front door and continued running all the way through and lecture and subsequent punishment. All of the discussions I had with Kevin are there in full for you to see. If you like to see very real life punishments then this movie is about as real as it gets!"""




Following on from the posting above, for the next 24 hours, you can watch the interview with Kevin, which preceded his spanking (and explained why he deserved it) for free at the Straight Lads Spanked site, by:

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