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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Fraser, Bubble Bath Blues

 Fraser Bubble Bath Blues follows immediately on from Fraser Spanked Footballer, which  as you may recall ended with Mr. X, the local Community Spanker, informing Fraser's dad that he has had to punish his 22 year old son. 

Now read on ......
 Fraser is not having a good day! This handsome straight footballer has just received a stinging bare bottom spanking from the local community spanker Mr X and now he faces more from his Father!

Fraser was thinking things could not get any worse, but he realises how wrong he is when he opens the door and sees Dad is waiting for him to gets home. 

Fraser is wearing his filthy football kit so Dad orders him to clean up! So Fraser strips off and gets into the bath.

 His tender 22 year old bottom is still red and sore from the earlier spanking

 Any hopes of a long leisurely soak are soon forgotten about though as Dad reminds him he is waiting for him in his bedroom.

 Fraser reluctantly gets out the bath and goes to see that Dad has in store for him.

 It is not fun! Fraser gets taken over Dad's knee for a very hard hand spanking over his already sore bottom! 

 To really get the message home, Fraser also gets some from the leather paddle as well!

 Soon the towell is removed and the punishment continues on Fraser's 
bare bottom

We then see this tall, muscled lad squirming and kicking over Dad's knee as the spanks rain down on his tender bottom!

After two long, hard and well deserved, bare bottom, spankings in one afternoon, young Fraser will not be sitting down comfortably for some time!

But has he learned his lesson? .. We'll see!

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