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Monday, 25 May 2015

Sebastian - Real Punishment - Dave's Despair

Below, Mr.X (Dave) From Straight Lads Spanked describes this movie and why Sebastian deserved his punishment.
MrX: "So let me tell you about Sebastian. He is a very handsome young man, with smoldering dark Mediterranean looks. He is very much a hit with the ladies and uses his good looks to great effect.

Sebastian is also very good at getting himself in trouble in real life situations. Most of the movies he has filmed for me have involved him being punished for some situation he has gotten himself involved with.

I had not seen Seb for some time. He had been off travelling around America and doing his own thing. Suddenly I got a call from him out of the blue asking if he could make a movie. Now this normally happens when the guys are short of cash or in some kind of bother. I enquired if everything was ok and he assured me it was and that he was just looking to earn some extra cash for general stuff. ....

 Sebastian turned up on time and looking great. We agreed that since he had not been around for some time, then it would be a good idea to do a casual catch up interview before shooting the movie.

The interview started off just fine with some casual conversation. We discussed his American travels and split with his girlfriend...
Then, without warning Sebastian dropped a bombshell. He told me something so shocking that I could scarcely believe it. I was pretty much lost for words....

You can see me on the film trying to process what I had been told.... I decided, there and then that our original plans for making a movie were scrapped. I decided there and then that I would deal with his revelation with a severe spanking...
Neither Sebastian nor myself had any chance to discuss or plan the punishment. What you see is a very real, spontaneous punishment, filmed in one take, no stopping or starting and very real reactions!
 I have never made a movie like this before where the punishment was spontaneous and not discussed with the model. Making the decision there and then to punish Sebastian for a real life situation was a first for me. I think you can see that I was exhausted by the end of it! As for Sebastian? I can only guess as to what was going on in his head when he confessed to me.
So I believe that Sebastian did want to tell me what was happening in his life. Did he want to be punished by me... I don't think that was his plan, but I believe that when I mentioned it to him he felt as though it was correct and justified.

For me the most telling part was the look on his face after the spanking. If somebody could cry from the inside then that is what Sebastian was doing. I think the leap from him joking about his time in America to being spanked hard and lectured was incredible. It was such a drastic change."""

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