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Monday, 25 May 2015

Matt - Bubble Bath Blues

 Matt - Bubble Bath Blues

This movie follows on directly from Peeping Toms Parts One & Two

Matt has got himself into a lot of trouble. Hanging around with Andy Lee has proved to be a big mistake. Having already been spanked by Mr X, it is now time for Matt to face his father.
 Matt returns home and strips off to reveal an already sore bottom from the spanking he had just received.

  He decides to soothe things off by taking a long bubble bath.

 The moment of tranquility soon ends though when his father gets home.
 Matt has always been a good lad and has never been in serious trouble before so it was a big deal for him to get spanked by his father.
 Matt's Dad though decided that a spanking is needed so Matt, still soaking wet from the bath ends up over his Dad's knee getting spanked yet again! 

 It's not just a hand spanking though as Matt also receives a spanking from Dad's slipper!

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