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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Jay - Failed Substancer Test (Part3)

Jay - Failed Substance test (Part 3) is the third in a series of episodes featuring Mr X of Straight Lads Spanked dealing with a young athlete (Jay) who repeatedly fails substance abuse tests

Jay has really gone and done it this time. After being warned about using banned 'performance enjancers' Jay still continued to do so. During the important Martial Arts Competition, Jay got tested and caught!  The repercussions of cheating like this were huge!  Jay was sent to Mr. X to face the ultimate punishment.  The dreaded Bath Brush!

 Jay arrives and is very different. No longer the cocky, cheeky lad but instead we see a very fearful and extremely sorry young man. Mr X though has a job to do and he does not hold back. The punishment is long and hard, alternating between strong hand spanks ...

 ...and hard swats from the wooden bath brush.

 Jay's bottom gets redder and redder as the relentless punishment continues!

At the end though, we do see some compassion from Mr X as he rubs soon soothing cream into the Jay's stinging bottom!
More from Producer Dave: "in this movie I wanted you to see a different side to Jay. Jay is great at playing the cocky, cheeky young man, but I knew he could also play it serious too when required. I really hope enjoy the change in Jay's performance""

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