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Sunday, 8 February 2015

"Brother in Charge (Part 8) - Andy"

Things are not going well for the Lee family. Younger brother Dan has ended up being locked away in a young offenders prison and big brother Andy who was meant to be in charge feels terribly guilty.

 Andy is summoned to visit his Uncle who wants to get to the bottom of what is happening to his family.

After a long journey, Andy arrives and takes a long, hot shower to freshen up.

 It's then time for a serious chat with his Uncle. Andy is dreadfully sorry and admits that he misses his fathers influence.

 If Dad was still around the lads would have been punished and kept in line stopping things going so far. Andy ends up begging his Uncle to take control.

So Andy's Uncle decides that Andy does need to be taught a lesson. The muscular straight lad soon finds himself naked over his Uncle's knee getting his beefy bottom spanked hard!

 It's not just a spanking though as Uncle also lashes him with a leather strap!

 Andy is left with a very red, sore bottom!

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