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Friday, 27 December 2013

Uncle Andrew Spanks Lee and Dom (Part 2)

Part 2 of Uncle AndrewSpanks Lee and Dom: Uncle Andrew orders Dom to drop his pants for his next spanking, and at first Dom refuses the humiliating command .....
Andrew tells Dom to either do as he's told, or his father will be told what he's done, leaving Dom with no option but to obey.

Dom hesitates so Uncle Andrew grabs hold of him and pulls sown his pants for him…
He then throws Dom over his knee again and spanks the seat of his underpants
Lee watches his friend being punished, he rubs his watering eyes before he is ordered to strip naked for the next stage of his own punishment.

Meanwhile Dom is learning just how hard Uncle Andrew can spank
Now stark naked Lee is back over uncle's knee
Dom is ordered to strip 
Dom watches his naked friend being spanked
Poor Lee is now very sore
Last, but by no means least, Dom gets his bare bottom spanked, embarrassingly naked over his friend's Uncle's knee.
Uncle Andrew really pounds Dom's backside
He know's it was Dom who instigated the bad behaviour
So he deserves the more severe spanking
and that is just what he gets!!
Many smacks later the two naughty boys are ordered to do some corner time
Still angry, Uncle Andrew surveys his handiwork
and drinks a refreshing can of Dom's beer, he certainly deserves it after all his hard work!

The end

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