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Friday, 27 December 2013

Uncle Andrew Spanks Lee and Dom (Part 1)


Two naughty boys learn a well deserved lesson leaving them with very sore bottoms
Lee's Uncle Andrew is out for the night, and has agreed that Lee's mate Dom can come over and help him study for an exam. However, the boys have no intention of studing. Dom is a bad influence on Lee and instead of working the boys drink beer

They phone girls and try to invite them round to party
Finally they decide to watch porn on the adult channel, foolishly using Uncle Andy's credit card to pay for it.
The Boy's luck runs out when Uncle Andy comes home unexpectedly and he is not happy with what he sees, especially when he finds that the young rascals have stolen money from his credit card to pay for the porn.
The boys are in big trouble, Lee knows how Uncle Andy deals with bad boys, and Dom is about to find out.
At first Andy threatens to tell Dom's dad, but Dom knows his father will ground him and begs him not to, he agrees to take his punishment from Andy
Lee thinks his friend has made a big mistake
Lee is the first to go over Uncle's knee
Dom looks on in horror, he realises he may be next
the look in Andy's eyes tells him he is right, Dom too is going to be spanked
Uncle Andy throws Dom over his knee
Andy's firm hand connects with Dom's behind, hard, repeatedly and it hurts
Now Andy gives Dom a good spanking, while Lee looks on

Dom realises he's made a big mistake, but it's too late to back out now.

Next Andy spanks Lee on the seat of his underpants, with his jeans around his knees
Lecturing Lee as he does so, while Dom watches with growing dread.
Lee cries out in pain
Then Uncle Andrew tell's Dom to drop his pants …....

Scroll down for Part 2

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