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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Team Punishment - Sebastian and Kevin

Team Punishment stars Sebastian and Kevin. Kevin has not been focusing on football. In fact he has now received three Red Cards this season! His last crime was fighting with Fraser! This is not good for team morale! The football team have their own code of conduct and their own way of dealing with things!

Sebastian is the team captain and he visits Kevin at home. He explains that the there has been a team meeting and it has decided that if Kevin is to stay on the team then there needs to be some punishment! 
Kevin quite can't believe his ears when he realises that Sebastian is there
to spank him!

This is nearly too much humiliation for a young straight man to bear!

After some discussion, Sebastian dishes out what is required! 

Kevin gets pinned to the bed and loses his dignity as his trousers and then his underpants are pulled off 

and his bare bottom is spanked!

Rubbing his sore, well spanked, bottom Kevin promises to do better in future 
(But will he remember when the sting fades?)
""""More from Producer Dave, in many ways, these movies where the lads are spanking each other are the most difficult for me to produce for various reasons. It is important to me for the movies to have some semblance of realism. To come up with a situation in a modern world where it's believable that a punishment spanking might take place between two young adult men.

Also, getting a lad to dish out the spanking is not as easy as you might think. Spanking other guys is not something they regularly do!

However, I am really pleased with this movie! I think Kevin and Sebastian really played out the situation well making it utterly believable! Also there is something rather intimate about this movie and the way that Art cut it that it makes you feel that you really are right there amongst the action!"""

JockSpank Comment:  This is Sebastian's first time in the spanker role, having been on the receiving end many times in the past. He acquits himself very well, demonstrating a workmanlike determination to get the job done.  Meanwhile Kevin continues to shine in his natural role of a wayward youth in need of a firm hand, applied where it does the most good, to his outstandingly spankable bare bottom.

In the absence of the usual commanding presence of "Mr.X" or "Dad", the two young actors perform their roles well and carry the movie, with an obvious chemistry. Hopefully we will see more of Sebastian as spanker in future, Kevin, of course, should always be spanked, hard and often  

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