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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Brothers Spanked 2 (Oliver & Fred)

 This week's update at Straight lads Spanked is 

In Part 1: Oliver was supposed to paint Mr. X's apartment, but instead he fooled around and then invited his brother to come over to share a drink.  Of course the brothers got caught and soundly, and deservedly, spanked. However they are still cocky and insolent - So Mr. X decides a more drastic remedy is necessary ......
The story continues in Part 2
Mr X has decided that the brothers have not fully learned their lesson, so he announces that they will each receive 12 swats on their bare bottoms 
with the dreaded Carpet Beater!

 The lads are made to bend over a chair and accept the swats!
 Mr X does not hold back as the Carpet Beater hits the spot!
Oliver takes his first six
Oliver has been spanked many times but the carpet beater is something different altogether!!

That's going to hurt in the morning -and there's still six more to go!
Now its Fred's turn to take his first six ..

Oliver is ordered back over the chair

 Have the brothers learnt their lesson?  Will they behave in furure?  
What do you think?!!

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