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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Liam - Bubble Bath Blues

Liam can't seem to control his temper and one again has been giving his mother cheek!  Well his Dad has had enough of his behaviour and decides it's time for some proper punishment!

Armed with a wooden kitchen utensil, Dad decides to punish his moody son after a hot bubble bath when it will sting even more.  Liam gets dragged over his fathers knee and this straight young man has his bare bottom soundly spanked.

Dad does not go easy and the spanking is continuous for nearly 15 mins!

Liam is left with a very sore, red bottom!

More from Producer Dave:  "This movie stemmed from a fan making a comment that they would like to see a movie where there is less breaks in the spanking and whilst the spanker is talking and scolding and to see more of a continuous punishment. So this is what I set out to do. Also Liam and I had an agreement that we would not stop the spanking once we got started as I wanted to capture on film the very real reactions of a very real, long hard spanking. I hope you think the efforts were worth it!""

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