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Friday, 6 June 2014

Coach Rules Hard - Bailey and Dom

 Coach Bailey is back! and he is tougher, stricter and meaner than ever!
The swimming team is not doing so well. Coach Bailey seems to be looking for someone to blame and finds him in young Dom who gets summoned to the coaches office to answer to a list of offences. 


Some might say that Dom' crimes are trivial and that Coach Bailey is being extra mean. Has the power gone to Coach Bailey's head?

Before he knows what is happening Dom is upended over Coach Bailey's knee ..

Despite Dom's protests he gets spanked very hard indeed with Bailey using his full strength! - first on the seat of his blue jeans.

Then his underwear ...

Then his bare bottom

Dom's tender bottom gets redder and redder as Coach Bailey's hand continues to pound down on his youthful flesh

Coach's anger has not cooled ..
Next the wooden paddle makes an appearance and Dom's bottom faces the full brunt of it and the marks left are clear for everyone to see!

Dom will not be sitting comfortably for some time!

Some may think Dom didn't deserve such a severe punishment and that justice had not been done ... we shall see!

More from Producer Dave, "Well first of all I am delighted to welcome back Bailey. It was awesome to have him return to filming. I always had a storyline for Bailey that followed on from movies like "The Consequences of Cheating" and for a while I never thought I was going to be able to continue it. In some ways this movie slightly breaks my normal rules with regards to my code of ethics whenever I make a Straight Lads Spanked movie and I will blog more about that later....
All I will say is this. The story is not yet complete!""

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