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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Real Punishment - Sebastian cane, paddle and bathbrush

In a recent release by Straight Lads Spanked hunky Sebastian took some real punishment, which the unlucky lad confirms left his plump round bottom bruised and sore days later.
Mr X was genuinely angry with Sebastian and didn't hold back, as he punished this deserving straight boy with a series of implements, interspersing each with a hard and humiliating over the knee spanking on an increasingly sore bottom followed by corner time, allowing Sebastian to reflect on what is to come.
Mr X describes the movie as follows:
"This move is the most genuine punishment movie I have ever filmed. There was no made up scenarios...This was 100% real! I was angry and Sebastian got punished - hard!
Sebastian gets spanked hard, then caned, then spanked again, then punished with the leather strap, then spanked again, then spanked with the bath brush and then spanked hard again!
This movie was filmed without breaks. Everything you see is exactly as the punishment happened.
 Real Hard Punishment!
Real Hard Straight Guy!
 Sebastian is ordered to strip

and the he goes over Mr X's knee for the first of many bare bottom hand spankings

Mr X really know how to make a big boy feel small! ...
and very sore!
 Sebastian's bottom is turning red, but nowhere near as red as it will be
 Now for some corner time
Now the cane

 Now that hurts ...
 a lot!

 More corner time, to think about what is coming!
 Mr X examines his handiwork
 and then gives Sebastian a second spanking

After a firm hand spanking and many stripes from the cane, now Mr X uses the leather strap on the unfortunate straight lad

Mr X examines Sebastian's blazing backside
The orders the lad over his knee for a further spanking

and now to the ultimate weapon, the dreaded bathbrush


A few final hand spanks top bring the message home
Result, one very sore and sorry straight lad
The end

Why Was Mr X So Angry with Sebastian?

 To see real life background behind this movie and reason for Sebastian's punishment you can view a free video interview By clicking on the link below

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