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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Two new releases: Brothers at War and a Birthday Spanking

Brothers at War - Andy and Patrick

Andy Lee and his brother Patrick are at work decorating a room. Andy has been up all night with his girlfriend and boasting to Patrick about it! He even has recordings of her on his mobile phone! Patrick wants to look but Andy won't let him!

What happens next involves a lot of spanking, humiliation and revenge!

""""More from Mr X, when I started with Straight Lads Spanked, this is the type of movie I dreamed of making but never thought I would ever find lads that would be capable of pulling it off. Well in my opinion Andy and Patrick excelled themselves with their acting performance. Their was no written script, just a discussion of the story and then the guys got on with it. I really hope you all enjoy this one"""""


James - Birthday Spanking

James is 20 years old which means only one thing. It is time for his birthday spanking! This is a new experience for James but his friends have all contributed towards it so he has to attend!

20 years old  means 20 strokes. Mr X shares them out between the cane and the leather paddle. James gets stripped down to his birthday suit for the last few strokes...

This is a first for James and you can see that the cane really does hurt! Poor lad!

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