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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Spanked Boxers – Karl & Liam

18 Year old Karl and 20 year old Liam are keen amateur boxers. They train together at the local boxing club.


Today they got into a fight. But this time it was not in the boxing ring! The young lads were scrapping in the locker room over a stupid argument. A bench got broken in the brawl! Their furious coach decided to teach these lads a lesson and sent them to see Mr X! Liam has been there before and knew what to expect, but this was young Karl’s first ever visit!

Mr X soon lays into the guys, lecturing them about fighting and self control. Liam seems to think it is all rather funny, so Mr X decides to wipe the smile of his face! Liam’s cheeky laughter soon stops when he is over Mr X’s knee getting spanked in front of his younger friend. Real humiliation! Karl does not get away without punishment and also gets a sound spanking too! Both lads get over the knee bare bottom spankings whilst their friend is forced to watch. Ouch!

 Video Trailer

…….More from Mr X…. This was actually the first scene I ever recorded with young Karl. So when he says it is his first ever spanking it is actually true! Karl is actually Liam’s real life mate so the dynamics between though too are interesting! Especially when getting spanked in front of each other! Enjoy!

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  1. Excellent new video. As always. How long are you going to torture us and make us wait for Andy and his brother?!!!!
    The suspense is killing me. ;-0

  2. azotamemad@hotmail.com3 August 2012 at 00:41

    no me ha gustado nada, la azotaina ha sido muy suabe, creo que yo seria mejor spankee

  3. I am a female (genuine) I love m/m spanking. I like to be spanked and also switch a little with men that I find attractive. I would love to get these two lad's over my knee for good old fashioned otk and a bit of scolding. x

    1. Anonymous,6th August!

      Forgot to say Thank you to Mr X for posting great m/m spanking clips. Cheers x

    2. I would like to see more of Liam and Karl together in the future, maybe as school truants, getting a bit of old fashioned discipline with the plimsoll from their P.E teacher for bunking off of games lessons. x


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