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Friday, 17 August 2012

Prison Punishment - 'Andy - The Birch'

Andy - Prisoner 1385 slowly makes his way towards the punishment room. Having been convicted of being drunk and disorderly he has been sentenced to be birched!

The masked guard, secures him onto the punishment bench fastening the thick, heavy straps which hold the prisoner in place. Then his bottom is bared ready to face the birch!

The guard shows no mercy as he swings the birch onto the prisoners exposed bottom making the prisoner yell out in agony. Andy can only helplessly pull against his restraints as the birch tears into his backside.... The guard thrashes the guilty convict until there is no fight left in him and he is left, mentally broken on the bench.

The guard releases each strap and has to drag Andy from the bench and nearly carry him back to his cell.......

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9 minutes long


  1. So...did Andy (secretly) enjoy it?

  2. I'm tell my age but he look like an actor on a American/uk tv show called gossip girls.


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