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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Liam in Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!

This is serious! Liam has been caught stealing money from his Mum's purse.

He is sent to his room and has that agonising wait until Dad gets home...

Liam knows he is in serious trouble.

Dad gets home and begins the verbal punishment. There is no disguising how furious he is and Liam knows he is going to get it bad! He really has no idea how bad it is going to get.

The blows from the belt rain down as Liam's Dad tells him how disappointed he is in his son. Liam can't do anything to avoid his fathers belt and just tries to take it the best that he can.

The last shreds of dignity vanish when Dad yanks down his sons underwear revealing a sore and tender bottom.

Liam tries to hold it together and is close to full on sobbing. He is deeply sorry for what he has done and is snivelling and gasping trying to hold back the tears....

Liam is belted hard and fast by his father. The punishment finally ends after Liam is ordered to count out 20 final strokes......

Dad leaves the bedroom as his son is left on the bed trying to soothe his aching buttocks......

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Wow! Everything changed in this latest instalment of Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. Finally we here Dad speak and boy does he tell Liam off! Liam took such a hard belting in this scene and struggles to hold back his tears as the punishment continues. Real Belting, Real Reactions with a Real Straight Lad! 

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19 minutes


  1. Liam is not my ideal physical type for a spankee model, but his sad, innocent face is put to good use as he grimaces, flinches, groans, whimpers, and almost bursts ino tears - but not quite starts crying. (I believe you might call his reactions emotional edging.) His acting is much improved over his earlier video performances - more demonstrative. The viewer is convinced that Liam is receiving a painful, humiliating spanking.

    The fact that the father is scolding his son while spanking him was a nice touch - made it look and sound more like a typical domestic discipline scene.

    I also liked the fact that Liam was spanked for 3 minutes on the seat of his boxer briefs before his father pulled his underwear down and whipped him on his bare ass. The footage of Liam briefly preventing his father from stripping him was a nice touch. Might I make a request that in the next "Wait Till Your Father Comes Home" video the spankee wear bikini briefs, and he be spanked for 3-4 minutes on his briefs before getting it on the bare butt? - that would REALLY be awesome!

    Might I make one final suggestion, Mr. X? In scenes where the spankee is being whipped with a belt, strap, cane, switch, etc. could you record the sound of impact a bit louder and with a sharper sound of initial impact? It would be frosting on the cake.

    In summary, a good job.

    1. Hi Rasputin!

      Thanks for the feedback. I love the term 'emotional edging'. I think that describes exactly what happened!

      I also agree that he was struggling and reacting more to this than previous movies. However, this was not down to any kind of improved acting. The spanking was really hard and real and his reactions were exactly how he was feeling. As director I never tell the guys how to react at all. So if the viewer is convinced that Liam is receiving a painful, humiliating spanking it is because he was!

      Job done!

      Glad you also like the addition of having Dad scold his son during this. I think it makes a huge difference too!

      With regards to recording the belt striking in a different way. To be honest, this would involve recording equipment that I don't have. Everything is filmed using hand-held cameras. The sound you hear is the exact real sound that is happening. Unlike some studios I don't 'fake' the sound or the spankings.

      Maybe in the future I can branch out and invest in different recording equipment but for now it has to remain raw and real!


      Mr X

  2. I think Liam makes a perfect spankee candidate. He is at once mischievous and innocent. Please make version of the hairbrush spanking similar to Bailey's. It would be epic. I also think that he could be pushed a bit further. He seems like a tough lad that could take it

    1. I'm glad you like Liam. I'm very fond of him too! I think he is fantastic in this scene and boy did he take a hard belting! The final 20 at the end in particular!

      As for doing a Bath Brush Beating (or similar) with him. Well watch this space! It is something I'm discussing with him right now..

      We shall see how brave he is!


  3. can you do a interveiw with liam?

    1. I could do Regina, but he is actually quite shy!

      I think it would be best to wait until he has filmed some more scenes and we have more to talk about!

  4. Liam is just delicious. lets have more of him gettig spanked butt naked. a serious paddling from Bailey with the paddle he used in spank jenga and mabye a few of the cabe to finish him off/
    Lookin forward to his next offering/////

  5. anonymous --It looks like Liam got it good from his Dad .I liked the way the process of the whipping took place I agree lets have more of Liam .I also would like to see him get the Paddle and of course he would need to be Naked .


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