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Friday, 1 June 2012

Bailey Bullies Apprentice - Part 2

There is no real need for a long description here... Following on from Bailey bullying poor Billy he is sent to see Mr X! If you enjoy seeing a straight, muscular guy get a relentless over the knee hand spanking and slippering then you will love this clip! Mr X is angry! The only time he is not spanking Bailey's bottom is when he is verbally tearing into him. Bailey can hardly stand when Mr X is finished with him! For the viewer - 14 mins of sheer pleasure. For Bailey, 14 mins of hell! Enjoy!

"I'll wipe that smile off your face"

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14 minutes


  1. An excellent and intense follow up to part 1

  2. Thanks Duane! Bailey certainly thought it was intense! :)

  3. Bailey is great! Would love to see a video with Bailey being spanked and giving lip, acting defiant towards the spanker while he is over the knee getting that fine ass of his spanked.

  4. I'll bear this in mind! I don't think it would be difficult for Bailey to talk back!

  5. Very good video indeed. Bailey and Brett are your best "bottom" spanking models.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Baily is simply fantastic! He is so handsome and has great reactions I almost feel sorry for him (almost but not quite)....please continue burning that bad lad's backside.

    1. good news is that I have no intention of stopping spanking Bailey!


  7. Ugh!!! He is so good!!! And might I add, that I think you are fantastic in this scene Mr. X. I love scolding more than just about anything and you dish it out really well here. I love the idea that you as a disciplinarian see Bailey a lot and have come to care about him and are disappointed in his behavior. The look of shame on his face is just priceless.

    But damn he is an amazing top. Just the strength of his hand... I always say, a top is only as good as his best hand spanking... so Bailey definitely qualifies as good! Would love to see more of him topping in a justifiable manner. :) Wanna see how he scolds.


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