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Friday, 15 June 2012

Andy and Lewis - Caught in Girls' Changing Room

Andy & Lewis have been working out at their local gym. Which would be fine if they had not been snooping around in the girls changing rooms ("locker rooms" to those in the USA) afterwards! So they have been sent to see Mr X for punishment! 

Andy is of course well known to Mr X but this was Lewis's first visit. The lads start off by thinking it's all a big joke! They soon change their attitude when Mr X has them over his knee one at time and spanked hard! It's when the boys are forced to strip down and are then made to watch as their buddy is spanked completely naked that punishment becomes humiliating! However, Mr X soon turns the humiliation into real pain as his special 2 holed paddle is administered to the lads bottom. It really packs a whack and both lads are left bruised, broken and embarrassed! 

.....more from Mr X! Andy & Lewis are actually real life mates and do go tot he gym together! So being punished like this in front of each other was a mixture of amusing (especially when Andy was watching Lewis get his first ever spanking) and embarrassment at having it done bare bottom in front of each other!


Full length spanking video is now available..

18 minutes


  1. I love Andy's spanking, Will you do an interview with Andy like you did with Bailey?. If so will you as Andy what he thinks about when he is spanked, thanks Welshboy.

    1. Hey Welshboy!

      Really glad you enjoyed this! I am planning on doing an interview with Andy at some point. I'd happily ask that question..

  2. Nothing better than watching a grown man get an OTK spanking...and Andy sure qualifies as a grown man! He's masculine and oh-so adorable with plenty of man-child charm. A perfect candidate for spanking. Lewis might ACTUALLY be an honest-to-goodness good boy! But as we know, even good boys need....

    1. Hey Sean!

      Thanks for the comments. I think as far as all of the models I have used there is nobody more manly than Andy!


  3. Mr X Have you got any more videos coming up with Andy in them? I hope, Mr X keep up the good work, I for one love what you are doing here. Welshboy.

  4. Hey Welshboy, to be honest, I have nothing else filmed with Andy..... however, there are plans afoot for a new shoot soon.... Don;t worry, Andy will return! Any ideas as to what you would like to see next?

  5. As with Bailey, It would be great to have Andy have a spanking and for him to show some attitude and answer back as he is being spanked.Welshboy.
    Bailey is a great watch too, you do have some great guys their Mr X

  6. hi mr x andy and baily are great modles iam abig fan of your work i would like to see andy and baily spanked hard on their bare ass by their teatcher and his thick wooden ruler it will be amazing or by the hairbrush


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